How to Throw Grenades Properly in PUBG MOBILE

A lot of questions asking how to throw grenades properly without exposing yourself. Today I will give you a few tips and tricks on how you can throw grenades without exposing yourself to the opponent.

How to Cook Grenade (And Why you need to cook them):

If you throw your grenade-like if you are throwing it as a rock without cooking, your enemy will notice the grenade and they have enough time to get away from its explosion or its damage. But if you cook your grenade until the timer is three or two seconds then your opponent will have no time to escape from its explosion damage in other words the opponent will die immediately.

How to throw grenades
How to throw grenades

Suppose if the target is under 20 meters then cook the grenade until the timer reaches one or two seconds and similarly if your target is at 30 meters then you should cook the grenade until the timer reaches two or three seconds. I hope you understand this method but you can’t always know exactly how far is your opponent so you gotta throw the grenade on what you think is the right timing. If it doesn’t work learn from your mistakes but after some time of practising with that experience, you will know exactly how long you have to cook the grenade depending on how far is your target.

How to Cook the Grenades in training ground:

Training Area
Training Area

You can actually practice how to cook the grenades in training grounds. Go to the map selection area and click on the training it will take you to cheer park now you’ll get the training grounds option click on it it will take you to the training area. Here you can find the grenade or throwable training area there are three difficulty levels you can choose from I would recommend starting from difficulty number one so what you have to do here.

By the way, overcooking the grenade can also get you and your teammates killed so you have to learn how to cancel your grenade immediately. I would recommend increasing your cancel button size a little bit bigger and put that cancel buttoned in a place where you can reach it easily. So now you can hit the cancel button much easier when the grenade is about to blow up.

How to throw grenades without exposing your body to enemies:

How to Throw Grenades Properly in PUBG MOBILE
Throw Grenades

Here’s one of the most common mistakes that new players make they usually come out of the cover completely just to throw the grenade. This is extremely risky and your opponent can easily kill you so don’t throw grenades without cover. So what you have to do in order to not expose yourself whenever you’re throwing a grenade while hiding behind a wall.

The first thing you need to do is lean either left or right depending on your situation and then cook the grenade and adjust your grenade trajectory and the most important thing you need to make sure that your head or your body is not crossing this wall. If your body or the head is outside of the wall mostly your opponent can spot you and may shoot at you so this is why you need to make sure that your head or the body doesn’t cross the wall.

How to Use Free Look (Eye Button) while throwing grenades:

How to Throw Grenades Properly in PUBG MOBILE

Sometimes when you throw grenades you have absolutely no idea where it’s gonna land because you don’t have a view to see where it will land. But you can use this free look option or (I) button thing will allow you to see where it will land in such angles that are not visible to you normally but this trick only works in tpp and gyroscope players can take full advantage of this while the non-gyro player can see where the grenade will land but can’t adjust like gyroscope players in order to throw grenade safely.

How to Throw Grenades Properly in PUBG MOBILE

You need to go prone and then open the grenade and now you can’t actually see where it will land this is where the free look comes in handy using it will allow you to see where this Molotov will land.

By the way, the grenade pin opening sound can be heard up to 20 meters anyway.

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