PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

Welcome Guys! so in the new 1.6 update, as usual, we got new stuff added to Pubg mobile, especially the settings got a brand new redesign, and there are few new setting options, which we will be taking a look at them, as well as some tips and tricks about the new Flora Menace Mode.

New settings

We got few new options, like merging crouch and prone option. If you enable this, the crouch and prone will merge together into a single button, your crouch works normally as usual. But in order to use prone, you need to hold the crouch for a while to activate it. This is really useful if you playing with just 2 or 3 fingers.

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

But I wouldn’t recommend using this feature if you are playing with 4 or more fingers, because this process would take around 1 or 2 extra seconds to activate pronely, but its really cool feature.

Sprint Sensitivity (Running Sensitivity)

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

This is a feature I really like so by default you’ll get 50% sensitivity, even before this update its capped at 50%. So now if you decrease the sensitivity you’ll need to drag your thumb finger way higher to activate sprint, or to run. And if you increase the sprint sensitivity then the sprint will activate way quicker. I mean you need to drag your thumb less distance to sprint or run.

Suppose if you put 100%, then the sprint will activate immediately so you’ll instantly run when you move your joystick. I highly recommend not to use 100% sprint sensitivity put it around 80-90% otherwise you won’t be able to walk.

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Focal Length Adjustment (Scope Distance Adjuster)

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

This is basically a scope distance adjusting button, by default its tap, you need to tap to open and tap to adjust. However, if you use to hold, you need to hold and move up and down to adjust the distance and release your finger to stop. It is kind similar to scope’s tap and holds an option.

Headshot Sound Effects

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

You will hear a specific sound when you hit a headshot. I really like this new feature and highly recommend enabling it. So you will know whether you hit a headshot or not.

Highlight Moments

By enabling this, your gameplay highlights will be saved directly in the matches. You can view it by going into your career results, and click the reply button. It will show only your highlights, currently, I think it’s not working properly not all the kills are showing but let’s hope its gonna improve soon. By the way, you can also send your highlights to your friends directly in-game.

Flora Menace Event Mode + Tips and Tricks

First let me show you about the new features, its kind-a continuity from the last event ignition mode. But there are few new things, which you can clearly see on the map. But first, let me tell you about the shop feature or Dynamax supplies. You can buy AWM and Groza from this shop and some other weapons, and Level 3 Armor and attachments and lastly the ammo.

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

But in order to buy you need Nacores which you can find while looting on the houses, or on the matrix which I will tell you later on this blog. This is really overpowered especially when you fighting and lost your helmet, you can buy one immediately plus you can use that supply cell as your cover, it’s indestructible, the normal shield barrier will break but not the supply cell.

And the crazy thing about this supply cell, you can climb on top of it. So lets say if someone is camping in a house, and waiting for you. You can order a health kit or some painkillers from the shop and place it next to the door, and climb up the door and surprise attack your enemies who are camping on the 2nd floor.

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New Locations on the Map

Rejuvenation Barrier

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

There will be only 3 of these on the map, if you enter this barrier your health will automatically heal or basically, your health will regenerate after you are done fighting which is kinda cool but it won’t heal you during a gunfight its almost similar to TDM health Healing.

Cell Matrix Robot

PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

There are only 3 locations for this, if you go here, you need to fight against some robots, which will give you some loot. By the way, there will be 3 levels of robots, level 1 being the easiest, level 3 the hardest. My biggest tip is to shoot them in the head to kill faster.


PUBG/BGMI 1.6 Update (New Settings + New Flora Menace Event Mode)

There are about 50 of them on the map. You can’t enter these cells directly, you need to wait 5 minutes, and then the cell opens up, which will take you to a matrix area, or spaceship. So here its basically like TDM you need to fight against mostly bots maybe some real players. By the way, there will only be 3 lives for you, after that you will be kicked out from that area and you can’t die in that spaceship though.

There will be 3 levels, 1st with a shotgun, 2nd with an SMGs, 3rd with an assault rifle.

After that, the matrix will dock which will open up other areas that might contain real enemies, and you’ll get either Groza or AUG along with a rocket launcher to fight. So here in this matrix area, you will find a lot of Nacores especially at the centre areas and you can use these Nacores to buy stuff from the shop.

So yeah, that’s it for this blog, I hope you learned something new if you did hit the like button and share it with your friends.

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