Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

Welcome Guys! many of you have been asking me to do a comparison between Tommy gun (Thompson) vs UMP 45. So today in this blog, we will be comparing these two guns, to find out which one is better for you.

Comparison between Tommy Gun Vs UMP45

Ammo Types

Both weapons use the same type of ammunition which is .45 ACP also known as pistol ammo.

Damage Comparison

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

So obviously the UMP 45 has the highest damage and I think it’s around 2% more damage than the Tommy gun. So in the damage comparison, clearly the UMP wins. By the way, you can kill a level 3 armour player with just 4 shots if you hit them in the arms or legs area, that’s the special advantage you get with both of these guns, as they do really high damage to arms and legs area.

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Recoil Comparison

Moving on to the recoil comparison to find out which gun is easier to handle or control its recoil. So here we have the recoil or the spray pattern of Tommy gun in green, and UMP in yellow. The 1st test is done without using any attachments, and by looking at these spray patterns you can clearly see that the UMP 45 has slightly less recoil than the Tommy Gun. This means that UMP 45 is easier to control.

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

And now I did the same test again but with the best possible attachments, you could use. Once again the UMP 45 has less recoil than the Tommy Gun. Since Tommy Gun cannot accept any attachments other than a vertical grip and a suppressor, which by the way doesn’t reduce any recoil. So another clear win for UMP 45 and you can choose any attachment for UMP, but compensator and vertical grip is the overall best choice as they reduce recoil by most.

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Hip-Fire Comparison

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

Now to the hip-fire bullet spread, we can clearly see that Tommy gun has more recoil when we shoot both weapons to a wall. This means Tommy gun has more bullet spread, meaning it’s less accurate when compared to UMP. So here is another win for UMP for having a better hip-fire performance.

Rate of Fire

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

Now to the rate of fire comparison. By the way, both guns firing speed is very close. However, UMP45 is almost 1 bullet ahead of Tommy gun. And the UMP has a rate of fire of 0.088 seconds per bullet, while the Tommy gun’s rate of fire is 0.09 per bullet, that’s like 2 milliseconds slower than UMP 45. But in a game like Pubg every single millisecond matters, so UMP will shoot faster than Tommy gun. But the difference is very small, most of the time you won’t even notice but the difference is there.

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For example, the Tommy gun is able to shoot around 11 bullets per second, while the UMP45 can shoot around 11.5 bullets per second.

Bullet Velocity/Speed

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

Moving on to the bullet velocity, or bullet speed, the UMP has a bullet velocity of around 360 m/s. While the Tommy gun’s bullet velocity is around 280 m/s. So in a direct fight between UMP and Thompson suppose if you fire both guns at the same time. The UMP’s bullets will travel 30% faster and are most likely to win the fight because whoever hits their shots first will have a higher chance of winning. And also after you get knocked all your bullets will be cancelled, even though it looks like you hit them, but in reality, you didn’t, it got cancelled the moment you got knocked. So the UMP 45 has a faster bullet velocity, that’s another win for UMP 4th time in a row.

I’m pretty sure UMP will most likely win all the comparisons, so let me tell you what Tommy gun’s advantage is.

Magazine Size

If we look at the ammo capacity or magazine size, the Tommy gun will carry 30 rounds by default, and 50 rounds when using extended mag. While the UMP45 will carry 25 rounds by default and 35 when using extended mag. So the Tommy gun has a bigger magazine size but you also have to remember bigger mag will come at the cost of reloading speed so it’s kinda like a win for Tommy gun.

Final Conclusion

So in the final conclusion, there is absolutely no doubt that the UMP 45 is significantly a better weapon than the Tommy Gun or Thompson. UMP beats Tommy gun in almost every single aspect.

Tommy Gun vs UMP45 Ultimate Weapon Comparison (PUBG MOBILE & BGMI) Tips and Tricks (Guide/Tutorial)

For example, UMP 45 has higher damage, and faster-firing rate, and less recoil, and don’t forget that you can put more attachments and reduce recoil even further, and the hip-fire is better with UMP, and you get faster bullet velocity as well. The fact that you can’t use any other scope other than a red-dot or holo sight on Tommy gun, makes UMP even better. However, the Tommy gun used to be one of the strongest guns in the last few seasons before the UMP45 got better.

By the way, this blog is only valid for the 1.5 updates. Because in the next upcoming updates, anything can happen, Pubg is like, hey how about we make PP Bizon Better, and make UMP bad again. So they just gonna keep changing the meta, but currently, the UMP 45 is the best SMG due to its recent improvements. And also I forgot to mention that Pubg nerfed Tommy gun in the 1.5 updates, so that’s why Tommy gun couldn’t beat UMP. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be this bad. Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog, I hope you learned something new if you did hit the like button and do some comments.

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