Badminton Doubles Rules

Today, I will tell you about badminton doubles rules and also, what should be your position when you are servicing or receiving and where you and your partner should stand when your point changes? So I’ll be talking about these things so read this article till the end.

Match Format

I tell you that regardless of what format you are playing be it singles, doubles or mixed doubles you’ve got three sets of 21 points, who wins two out of three sets, wins the game. Suppose we have two teams, and both have won one set each, then the third set will decide who wins the overall game. If Captain America and Batman (two players name of the same team) win two consecutive sets, then there is no need of playing the third set, as they’ve already won two out of three sets.


Before the starting of the match both the players come face to face for the toss. And the umpire will be standing in the middle. So, guys, toss can be done in two ways one is by throwing the shuttle & another is by tossing the coin. In national and international matches only coin is used for tossing. And in the club and local tournaments, both coin and shuttle are used.

How to decide either choose Service or Court?

So here we will toss by throwing the shuttle. That team wins towards which the cork will point. So let’s toss. We have to throw it again, as it’s in a middle position. As the team to which it points slightly, that team will win the toss. The team that wins the toss has two options either to choose service or decide the court.

As they decided to choose service after winning the toss. So they have the option to decide the court whether to play from this side or that side. As they win the toss, then the remaining option goes to the opponent. Suppose they select the court after winning the toss, then they will get the service.

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Here umpire ask one more thing like among you who will do the service?

After discussing, Captain America decides to do the service. As they will choose the court, the umpire asks them among you who will receive? So after discussing, Iron Man (opponent player) decides to do the receiving. So we get into the position. So guys, whenever the match or a set starts in badminton we have to start the service from the right-hand side. So Captain America will do the service from his right side.

So the person doing the service have to do the service diagonally. And you have to do the service within box, in doubles. If the shuttle is falling here, then, only he is going to receive it, he cannot hit it, at the time of service. Because he is receiving it. After that, anyone can hit it.

Odd-Even Rule

So guys let me tell you about the odd-even rule. If you have 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 so on then you’ll do your service from the right. But if your point is 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on then you will do your service from the left side.

So let’s start a demo match, here Captain America is doing the service. Both the teams have a 0-0 score. In badminton when the match starts, we call 0-0 as Love all. So here Capt America is starting the service as zero is an even number so he is doing it from his right side. The rally will start here after he did the service. They get one point after the starting of the rally. So we have a 0-1 score. As 1 is an odd number, so Capt America will do his service from the left side.

If these players continue to score points, then Capt America will continue to do the service. If this team score one point, which I will discuss later. And after that, if they got one point then Batman will do the service. So now we have a 0-1 score. Again they do the service again the rally continues, again they scored one point. So now we have a 0-2 score. Now, two is an even number, so he’ll do the service from his right side. He will only continue to do the service as he scored the point.

So this is his right side, which is also called even box. He will do the service diagonally. So again the rally continues and while receiving they’ll not continue to change the box. They might change places during the rally but they have to receive within this box. So now we have a 0-2 score. Again they do the service. Again the rally continues and now they scored one point.

So now we have a 1-2 score. As 1 is an odd number, so they’ll do the service from their left side. So now the rally starts here and continues, and after that again they get one point. Now the score is 1-3, Now Batman will do the service. Capt America did the service till two points but as they got one point so the continuity of the points broke. Now after getting one point, Batman will do the service.

If this team continued getting points, then Batman will continue doing the service. The team that first gets 21 points win the game. If scores become 21 all, 22 all, 23 all… Goes on like this after 29 all, the team that scores the next point wins the match by 30-29.

Rules in Badminaton Doubles

So guys let me tell you about a few situations.

  1. While the rally was going on, the shuttle first touched Batman’s racket and then was hit by Capt America in this case, they got one point because you cannot hit a shuttle twice.
  2. Sometimes it happens that during the rally the shuttle touched the net and drops here in this case they get the point.
  3. But if they are successful in hitting the shuttle after it touched the net then the rally will continue.
  4. When the rally is going on you cannot touch the net with your racket or body this will lead to a fault and the opponent team will get point.
  5. As I had told you that there are three sets of 21 points and who wins two out of three sets win the game.
  6. After 11 points in each set, both the teams need to go to the corner to get drink water and to discuss strategy with their coach and you get a one-minute break during this time. Again you have to come to court. Then you can continue the rally after 11 points.
  7. All three sets, suppose they won the first set by 18-21. After the first set, you have to interchange the court. So these players will change the court. Again after 11 points, they will get a one minute break. Then again at 21 points, they will get a break of two minutes.
  8. If they win two consecutive sets then there is no need to play the third set otherwise, you need to play the third set. If you are playing the third set, then at 11 points you have to change the court. So you have to keep this in mind.

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