Keiser University Football in 2023

Keiser University Football: As a generally youthful football program, Keiser University Football has proactively become well-known in school football. Established in 2010, the group has in no time turned into an incredible powerhouse, procuring a few meeting titles and delivering various capable players who have proceeded to play at the expert level.

Early Days of Keiser Football

Keiser University was established in 1977 as the Keiser School, a little foundation zeroed in on giving vocational training to understudies in the Stronghold Lauderdale region. It was only after 2008 that the school chose to add football to its list of extracurricular activities. The debut season saw the Seahawks go 7-3, a noteworthy accomplishment for a group simply beginning.

In any case, it was only after 2014 that Keiser football became famous. That year, the Seahawks brought home their most memorable meeting title and won the NAIA end-of-season games without precedent in school history. Driven by lead trainer Doug Socha, the group completed the season with a 9-3 record and a No. 20 public ranking.

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Keiser Football’s Rise

Keiser University Football in 2023

Since that cutting-edge season in 2014, Keiser football has gone from one solidarity to another. The group has brought home four gathering titles and made the NAIA end-of-season games multiple times over the most recent six years. In 2019, the Seahawks had their best season, going 11-1 and completing the year positioned No. 4 in the country.

One of the keys to Keiser’s prosperity has been the group’s capacity to select top talent from across the nation. Under Mentor Socha’s initiative, the Seahawks have become an objective for the best secondary school football players in the US. The group’s list is loaded up with players from states as far apart as California and Florida, all attracted to Keiser by the commitment to a top-level football program and top-notch schooling.

Academic Excellence

Football is just essential for the situation at Keiser University. The school focuses on giving understudies complete training, which sets them up for success in all everyday issues. This obligation to literary greatness reflects in the progress of the football program both on and off the field.

In 2019, the Keiser football crew had a graduation rate of 95%, one of the highest in the NAIA. It demonstrates the challenging work and devotion of the understudy competitors and the general help from the instructing staff and the university.

Keiser University Football Program

The Keiser University Football program is a highly regarded and serious program known for its obligation to build champions on and off the field. The group has an accomplished training staff, including lead trainer Doug Socha, who has over 20 years of instructing experience at both the school and expert levels.

The group organizes around a way of thinking about difficult work, discipline, and devotion. Players are supposed to give their all both on and off the field, and the program places significant areas of strength in scholarly accomplishment and athletic execution.

The program expresses the artistry of offices and hardware, including another arena finished in 2021. The group approaches first-rate hardware and offices, including weight rooms, storage spaces, and practice fields.

Throughout the long term, Keiser University Football has created various champion players, including a few All-Americans and NFL players. The group procured a few gathering titles and participated in public title games.

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Keiser University Football Scholarships

Keiser University Football offers scholarships to skilled understudy competitors hoping to further their schooling. At the same time, they pursue their athletic objectives—these grants provide multiple elements, including athletic capacity, academic accomplishment, and monetary need.

To qualify for scholarships, understudy competitors should meet specific necessities, such as keeping a particular GPA and meeting NCAA qualification prerequisites. The application cycle commonly includes submitting records, test scores, other documentation, attending a tryout, or selecting an occasion.

Getting a scholarship from Keiser University Football can give various advantages, including monetary help for educational costs, books, and other costs, as well as the valuable chance to play football at a significant level and get training from experienced experts.

Keiser University Football’s Recruitment Process

Getting enlisted by Keiser University Football can be a stringent testing process, yet it is likewise an exciting and open door for gifted understudy competitors. Here are some critical things to remember while attempting to get seen by the training staff:

Step-by-step Instructions to Get Recruit

The most vital phase of enrolling in Keiser University Football is contacting the training staff and expressing your interest in the program. It should be possible through email, telephone, or by going to an enrollment event.

Having serious areas of strength for a resume that exhibits your abilities and achievements in the field is likewise significant. It incorporates game film, measurements, and any honours or praises you have received.

Timeline of Recruitment

The enrollment cycle for Keiser University Football typically starts during an understudy competitor’s junior or senior year of secondary school. Mentors will attend games and competitions to scout possible enrollees and assess their abilities and capacities.

In the wake of recognizing likely enrollees, mentors will start the most common way of reaching them and welcoming them to the grounds for a little while. It might incorporate an authority visit, during which the understudy competitor can meet with mentors, visit the offices, and go to a game or practice.

Tips for Impressing Coaches

Standing apart on and off the field is significant, to be seen by the instructing staff at Keiser University Football. It incorporates keeping areas of strength for a record and exhibiting high responsibility, a hard-working attitude, and initiative.

Selecting occasions and camps where mentors can see you play and connect with you, face-to-face is also essential. Building associations with mentors and exhibiting areas of strength for the game can likewise go quite far in getting noticed and standing apart from the group.

Academics Matter for Recruitment

Consequently, keeping a high GPA, taking secondary school testing courses, and preparing for and succeeding on state-sanctioned tests like the SAT or ACT are critical.

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Keiser University Football Alumni

Keiser University Football in 2023

Throughout the long term, Keiser University Football has created variously skilled and graduate classes, many of whom have been influential professionals on and off the field. Here are only a couple of instances of outstanding Keiser University Football Alumni:

Miles Jones: Jones played running back for Keiser University from 2016 to 2019, acquiring All-American distinctions in his last season. He signed with the Atlanta Hawks as an undrafted free agent in 2020.

Jonathan Pearce: Pearce played comprehensive collector for Keiser University from 2015–2018, acquiring All-American distinctions in his last season. He proceeded to play for the Orlando Apollos of the Partnership of American Football in 2019.

Clarence Hicks: Hicks played guarded back for Keiser University from 2015 to 2018, procuring All-American distinctions in his last season. He signed with the New Orleans Holy People as an undrafted free specialist in 2019.

Notwithstanding these singular achievements, Keiser University Football affects the local area, opening doors for youthful competitors to pursue their fantasies and rousing another generation of football players.

Keiser University Football’s Future Plans

Looking forward, Keiser University Football has aggressive plans for development, both on and off the field. It remembers effective financial planning for new offices and hardware, extending the group’s arrival through enlisting and effort, and building solid associations with the graduated class.

Football is something beyond a game in America; it is a lifestyle. What’s more, football is not a particular case at Keiser University. The Keiser Seahawks have a rich history of greatness concerning athletic accomplishment and academic achievement. In this article, we will investigate the tradition of Keiser University football, from its modest starting points to its present-day predominance in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

As Keiser football proceeds to develop and develop, there is no question that the group will keep on being an incredible powerhouse in the NAIA. With a promise of greatness on and off the field, the Seahawks are ready to proceed with their triumphant ways into the indefinite future.

Keiser University Football Games Today

Is it true that you are contemplating whether Keiser University Football Has A Game Today? Fans who follow Keiser University Football might wish to know that their group has a match today by looking at its schedule on its site. Commonly, games occur on Saturday evenings throughout the fall season, with mid-week games likewise conceivable.

Keiser University Football has established a connection since its debut season in 2018. Starting around 2018, they have been reliably winning and have previously experienced critical victories.

Keiser University Football Division

Keiser University Football is contending in the NAIA Sun Meeting as a component of its enrollment in this exceptionally cutthroat association. However, less broadly perceived than the NCAA, the NAIA provides capable competitors who proceed to play in elite athletic associations.

Keiser University Football Schedule

From August to November, Keiser University Football typically plays a full schedule of home and away games against Sun Gathering and non-meeting rivals. Their program can be tracked every year on their site.

Keiser University Football Division 1

Keiser University Football is a feature of the NAIA, which doesn’t relegate divisional rankings like NCAA schools do; hence, there is no “Division 1” or “Division 2” assignment for NAIA schools like Keiser. Notwithstanding, one can consider Keiser one of the head programs inside this affiliation that contend at an uncommonly undeniable level in football contests.

Keiser University Football Scores and Results 

Keiser University Football fans can follow the group’s scores and result online through its site or different game-centred sites and applications, where constant updates happen during games so fans can keep up to date with the advancement of their group.

Keiser University Football Live Stream

Fans who can’t go to live Keiser University Football match-ups face-to-face can, in any case, encounter its energy from any place they might be! Live streams give sweethearts access to observe all matches live online from either group sites or web-based features, offering a constant survey of fun from any place on the planet you might be watching.

Keiser University Football Division 2

Even though NAIA schools don’t formally utilize the term, Keiser University Football stands apart among NAIA programs as one of its chief projects and contends at an extraordinary level. However, lacking as much acknowledgement as NCAA Division 1 projects, Keiser creates skilled competitors that contribute fundamentally.

Keiser University Football Roster

Keiser University Football Roster comprises around 120 grant and stroll competitors. Selected understudy competitors come from around the country, with Florida and the Southeast focusing on Our instructing staff values players who exhibit athletic capacities and are similarly dedicated to academic greatness.

Keiser University Football Coaches

Keiser University Football Coaching staff is driven by Doug Socha, who flaunts the school and has expert experience as an instructor. Socha is known for inventing hostile techniques and is committed to growing balanced understudies. Even with this accomplished lead trainer, the Keiser staff incorporates a few organizers and position mentors to complete its educated workforce.

Keiser University Football Camp

Keiser University offers yearly camps to foster secondary school understudies’ football abilities and grow their insight. Driven by individuals from their instructing staff, these camps allow hopeful football players an extraordinary opportunity to gain from a portion of the top specialists.

Keiser University Football Stadium

Keiser University has home games at Seahawk Arena on its West Palm Beach Oceanside grounds. The arena features best-in-class turf fields, video scoreboards, and a seating limit of 3,500.

Keiser University Football Questionnaire

The Keiser University Football Questionnaire permits imminent understudy competitors to communicate their advantage in joining the Seahawks by finishing up this structure. Mentors then, at that point, utilize this information to evaluate expected enrollees and decide if they would make great additions to the program.


Keiser University’s football program has turned into a brutal and highly regarded force in school football. With a devoted instructional staff, gifted players, and cutting-edge offices, the program has had the option to make progress both on and off the field. Through their obligation to scholastic greatness and local area inclusion, the Keiser College football crew has become a wellspring of pride for the college and its allies. As the program proceeds to develop and advance, there is no question that Keiser University football will continue to have a beneficial outcome in school sports.


What division is Keiser University in football?

Keiser University is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and participates in the Sun Conference for football.

Does Keiser University have a football team?

Yes, Keiser University has a football team.

What conference is Keiser football in?

Keiser University football team is a member of the Sun Conference, which is part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

What is Keiser University’s ranking?

Keiser University is ranked #298-#389 in the 2022 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” among Regional Universities South category. It’s important to note that university rankings can vary depending on the methodology and criteria used by different ranking systems.

Who is Keiser University owned by?

Keiser University is a private, non-profit university founded in 1977 by Arthur Keiser and his mother, Evelyn. The university is still owned and operated by the Keiser family today.

Is Keiser University only in Florida?

No, Keiser University is not only in Florida. While the university’s main campus is in West Palm Beach, Florida, it also has campuses in other states, such as Georgia, Texas, and Nicaragua. Additionally, Keiser University offers online programs that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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