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PUBG Mobile one of the most liked game in terms of popularity and daily active users offers varieties of weapons to players. Among various categories of weapons, one is the Light Machine Gun (LMG), which is a combination of immense firepower and damage. There are only two light machine guns in the game, DP-28 and M249.

In this article, we will know about the damage and other features of M249.


The M249 LMG is very hard to find and only available in drop supplies. A highly powerful gun has hit damage of 45 and uses 5.56mm type ammo. It has a massive magazine size of 100 bullets, with a fire rate of 0.075s. Its initial bullet time is also very high, hitting at 915 m/s, but as you know everything cannot be perfect and so in the case of M249. It takes much time while reloading the magazine i.e 8.2 seconds which is much more than the average reloading time of other assault weapons.

Having M249 in the players hand gives him an upper hand in the contest if used with the proper skill set. M249 in Pubg is excellent against the vehicles rushing towards the player as it fires so quickly and continuously(100 magazines) giving massive damage to the vehicle and the player inside it.

TypeLight Machine Gun
Ammo5.56 mm
Damage 45
Magazine Size100
Reload Time8.2 s
Fire Rate0.075 /s
Firing ModeSingle
Livik (Beta)

M249 also has various attachment points and accepts scopes including 2x Scope, 3x Scope, 4x Scope and 6x Scope. But the best combination it makes with 3x scope and 6x scope.

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