NBA League Pass India Price: Everything You Need to Know

NBA League Pass India Price: If you are an Indian basketball enthusiast who wishes to catch all the latest NBA action easily, look no further than NBA League Pass India! This subscription-based service gives access to live and on-demand NBA action straight from home. Here we cover everything about its costs and benefits—an essential guide for subscribing.

What Is NBA League Pass India?

NBA League Pass India is a streaming service designed to give NBA fans access to all the latest games. Available across devices – laptops, smartphones, and tablets – NBA League Pass India makes staying informed easy regardless of location- whether your favourite team is the Golden State Warriors or Brooklyn Nets!

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NBA League Pass India Subscription Plans

The most popular option amongst League Pass India subscribers is an annual plan, which provides access to every NBA game throughout the season—postseasons and finals alike. In contrast, its monthly plan allows fans only to watch select games each month.

Annual Plan

An NBA League Pass India annual plan costs INR 2,799. Under this plan, fans can access all NBA regular season, playoff, and finals games and exclusive programs like NBA TV shows and documentaries.

Monthly Plan

The NBA League Pass India monthly plan costs INR 399 per month and gives subscribers access to all month’s NBA games and exclusive programming.

Benefits of NBA League Pass India Subscription

There are various advantages to subscribing to NBA League Pass India. Here are a few key ones:

Access to All NBA Games

With NBA League Pass India, fans gain access to all NBA games regardless of their location—this means watching their favourite teams perform from any corner of the world!

Live and On-Demand Games

NBA League Pass India provides live and on-demand games to keep fans up-to-date, even if they miss a live broadcast of any game.

Exclusive Programming

NBA League Pass India provides fans access to exclusive programs such as NBA TV and documentaries – offering additional entertainment for basketball enthusiasts.

How to Subscribe to NBA League Pass India

Subscribing to NBA League Pass India is easy; follow these steps to subscribe.

  • Head to the NBA League Pass India website (
  • Choose a subscription plan you’d like to buy,
  • provide your personal and payment details,
  • and then hit “Submit.” Your subscription will then be complete!
  • Once your subscription is complete, you can immediately begin watching NBA games on your chosen device.

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NBA League Pass India Price Comparison

NBA League Pass India offers highly competitive pricing compared to other streaming services in India. Here is an analysis of its annual plan pricing against other popular services:

  • Hotstar (sports package only) costs INR 1,499 annually, while Amazon Prime Video’s annual membership costs only INR 999 annually for access.
  • Regarding price comparison for NBA League Pass India packages, Hotstar leads with an INR 1,499 annual subscription for sports packages. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video charges only INR 999 in annual membership.
  • Amazon Prime Video (included with Prime membership) costs INR 999 annually, while Netflix costs INR 799 monthly (for their basic plan).

As is evident by their pricing structures, both Hotstar VIP (limited sports content) and NBA League Pass India offer access to all NBA games (Hotstar only presents select ones) at slightly increased annual costs, respectively. Furthermore, NBA League Pass India features exclusive programming, making it an exceptional value proposition for basketball enthusiasts.

NBA League Pass India

The NBA League Pass India web-based feature gives admittance to both live and on-request NBA games, furnishing b-ball devotees with a method for remaining informed on all the most recent activity, news, and features from across India’s associations. Stream any NBA match live or on request, which is ideal for monitoring season-finisher activity or reviewing them later.

With NBA League Pass India, you can stream all NBA matches, including end-of-season games, live or later stream them generally on request — incredible for b-ball devotees searching for everything ball related!

NBA League Pass App

NBA League Pass India provides a mobile app to make watching games on the go more accessible than ever before. Available on iOS and Android devices, this user-friendly interface lets you easily navigate games, highlights, and exclusive programming—with support for up to five simultaneous game streams!

NBA League Pass India VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may provide the answer if you live outside India but still wish to access NBA League Pass India. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may provide a solution. Connecting to a server in India enables access to the service as though you were there, although you need to be warned – using a VPN may violate their terms of usage and result in account suspension or cancellation.

NBA League Pass Price in India

The NBA League Pass India offers two subscription plans for accessing all NBA games live or on-demand: annual (INR 1,999) and monthly (399). Annual plans give access to every NBA game, including playoffs; both monthly plans allow access for one month only.

NBA League Pass YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers access to live TV channels such as NBA TV. However, you must subscribe separately to that service to watch NBA League Pass games.


NBA TV is a 24-hour sports network featuring exclusive programs such as live games, highlights, news, and analysis from across the NBA league pass subscription community and offering additional coverage and depth for viewers.

NBA League Pass Free

Unfortunately, NBA League Pass India does not currently provide a trial or free version of its service. Still, it will help if you watch for promotions or discounts that may be available occasionally.

B-ball has become one of the world’s most adored sports in practically no time, and India is the same. choiceNBA League Pass India has become the real-time feature of choice among basketball fans across India; we will examine inside and out all that you want to know about NBA League Pass India here.


NBA League Pass India offers an exceptional viewing experience for basketball enthusiasts in India. Providing access to all live and on-demand NBA games, exclusive programming, and a mobile app dedicated solely to this service, it offers fans of basketball an unmatched viewing experience. While not free, its subscription plans offer great value compared to similar services and are reasonably priced – don’t hesitate to subscribe today and never miss a game again!

NBA League Pass India offers basketball enthusiasts access to live and on-demand NBA games and exclusive programming. Offering two subscription plans that are competitively priced compared with other streaming services in India, NBA League Pass India provides excellent value to fans of the sport, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and never miss a game!


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely – just as with any subscription. However, if you cancel during the free trial period, you will incur fees.

Can I access NBA League Pass India on multiple devices simultaneously?

Absolutely. Up to five devices can simultaneously watch NBA League Pass India.

Are you wondering if NBA League Pass India is available outside of India?

Unfortunately not, as NBA League Pass India is only available to viewers within India.

Are NBA games that have already aired available through NBA League Pass India?

Yes. Our on-demand service gives you access to games that have already taken place.

How can I watch NBA League Pass India games on my TV?

Several devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku will have NBA League Pass India. Connect your laptop or smartphone directly to your television screen to stream games.

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