BGMI/PUBG 1.8 Update (Newly introduced event-Spider-Man)

Finally, the 1.8 updates of BGMI/Pubg Mobile has arrived and this time there is good news for Marvel fans because this time Pubg collaborates with Spiderman.

As a new year gift, the officials of Krafton and Tencent have arrived with the new apk + OBB, touch notes. The update package for BGMI and Pubg mobile had given early access and authorisation through tap tap app to avail BGMI 1.8 APK + OBB, features and other necessary details.

The new update has already arrived on 12 January. It will amend all over the countries and devices beginning from 11 UTC. Another thing to notice about this update is that it’s not a server offline.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Battlegrounds mobile India is a game that is only available in the Indian region as a multiplayer Battle Royale game which is as familiar as Pubg. It is developed by Krafton Limited to take care of Indian Gamers and audiences as all had a loss of Pubg in the previous year.

The game gives exactly the same experience as Pubg which fulfils the never stopping desire of Indian Gamers. It’s a fun game to the toughest leaderboards with some fancy details battling against the opponent. The game consists of several modes which can be even played in a squad or alone divided into rank and unranked categories.

The game provides some exciting weapons, skins, outfits and weekly or monthly events which embraces the beauty of this game.


Name of the Battle Royale gameBattlegrounds Mobile India/ Players Unknown Battleground
Occupancy of file335 MB
developer and publisherKrafton Limited
release dateJan 12 in the year 2022
supporting devicesAndroid version 5.1 and above
Sources AvailableTap Tap, Play Store, Apple Store, Uptodown, APK pure
Newly-introduced eventSpider-Man

Depth review of Pubg/BGMI 1.8 updates

The Indian Battle Royale game which is also known as BGMI has come up with its recent update BGMI 1.8.0. The user interface of the game has changed drastically there are a lot of amendments that have been made in-game and it contains a bunch of new features which makes BGMI much more exciting and enjoyable to play.

  1. On the Halloween game new pistol skin was released for our one of favourites M416 gun.
  2. The newly invented carry function of player why taking a player from point A to point B. This is one of the features which was given in Pubg PC now it is also regulated in mobile version which gives a great advantage to the teammates of knocked players to take a person from open space to shack aur behind wall using proper cover.
  3. The newly introduced BGMI map giving a futuristic perfect look. The chart which was currently available on Pubg PC.
  4. New weapon skins on emanations have been introduced consisting of the blue zone grenades and their damages.

BGMI 1.8 update And features

Player Unknown Battleground and Battlegrounds Mobile India have released a major swing feature theme of Spider-Man which allows players to travel fast like Spider-Man on the open space to the rooftops. The new 1.8 updates have shown exciting inventories in the game.

Classic update

  1. The rank matching and normal matching will be different. For example, if a player is on the Crown he can’t play as a person was on the diamond the official how made separate matchmaking for the players.
  2. Other features like automatic marking in water knockout, place name and automatic parachuting have been introduced as well with merit level and reporting cheaters which is a quite needy thing in India.
  3. Deducted merit level on the player who is affecting the game of his teammates by giving him damages to their vehicles on knocking them off by grenades will be restored based on his future gameplay behaviour and contribution that has been made towards his or her teammates. The information regarding fraudulent players has been improved to deliver extra information regarding cheaters.

Theme mode

  1. Livik:- In this map, it does not affect your matchmaking as per the tier of a player you will be matched giving your own Crown or Diamond or Platinum producer little freehand to place to play with their friends who are not on the same level.
  2. One of the other new features introduced in this map is one can use ziplines for Rapid movement over the map. Not only this, but you can also go to the nearby Communication Tower which has been displayed on the map and call and revive your dead player of your team something relatable to the mirror mode.
  3. Every Firearm will have a mounted scope on them and the recoil of mostly all the weapons have been reduced, so one can easily control and knock a player which is present in the mid-range or long-range.

How to download latest 1.8 version of BGMI and Pubg

There are various platforms available for downloading the latest 1.8 version of the game like APK pure, tap-tap, then of course official site of battlegrounds mobile India.

We will be sharing three ways to avail of the service.

  1. Simplify the official website of battlegrounds mobile India which is www. This is the safest way to avail 100% general file for Android and IOS without any security concerns. The game will automatically set up the version according to your concern device which is generally used by people.
  2. Must visit google and download tap tap app from there you will find a separate APK file for the new version. This is one of the coolest app which gives you access even before the official launch discussion how safe it is but it is widely used all over the globe.
  3. One of the other trusted sources to download apk + OBB EV files safely is APK pure, visit the official website and the website will guide you for the future process.

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