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With approximately 10 million daily active users PUBG mobile has been one of the most popular game worldwide. Due to its dynamic features and updates that have been introduced from time to time, it has always managed to make space in users mobile phone. Maps are the most important part of any video games as it depicts how the interface looks like. 

PUBG mobile basically has four maps having different terrains, structures, available resources etc. that makes this game more dynamic. Here in this article, we will rank all the maps according to their popularity level. 



Without any doubt, Erangle leads the best map in the PUBG mobile. It has always been the first choice of pubg players to play in. Erangel is an 8×8 km island having small and medium-sized areas, mixed with open farmlands and green coverage. It has a great balance of bridges, water bodies, cliffs and ground-level planes, which offer a variety of terrains to players. PUBG mobile lovers may forget the streets of their house but they won’t forget the roads leading to pochinki or georgopol. 



Another interesting map filled with more advanced resources in terms of weapons and ammo availability. Sanhok is a 4×4 km map almost half of erangle but its size doesn’t affect its popularity. It has grasslands with tall green covers, water bodies and scattered clusters of huts. The map is designed well, and it is hard to spot enemies because of excessive green cover and all-time raining weather making it more interesting. Because of its small size, you face many quick and interesting battles. 



Miramar is based on a desert theme. In dimension, it is similar to Erangle i.e. 8*8 km. Unlike Erangle and Sanhok it lacks grasslands, which makes it easy for players to spot the enemies and so it is the most favourable map of sniper shooters. Having the challenging terrain this map requires strategic dealing rather than the aggressive one. 



Last but not the least, Vikendi is the latest of all the maps. The theme of this map is based on a snowy forest with houses, water bodies and elevated areas. In dimensions, it is 6×6 km, approximately an average of Erangle and Sanhok. Compared to other maps it is the least played.

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