Pubg New Map: Know everything about Karakin

Today, let me guide you to a depth understanding of this 2*2 Kilometre humble island. Before stepping into Karakin, you might have already heard about the intimidating demolition zone. In the demolition zone, buildings will be destroyed into smithereens. But rest assured that today’s tour will be a safe one.

Pubg New Map Karakin might be a small island, but the textile industry of the island works as crucial financial support for the entire island.

Al Hayik

Al Hayik is a medium scale town and people who lived here refine pigments for a living. Then, those pigments will be sent to Hadiqa Nemo for dyeing. Skyscrapers are scarce in Al Hayik compared to other urban areas. There is a fewer visitor here which makes looting easier. It’s the perfect choice for a team of four in search of adequate equipment supplies.

Hadiqa Nemo

Haqida Nemo serves as the port of importing raw materials of Karakin. Imported textiles are dyed in vats filled with multiple colours and distributed to the factories. If you want to choose this place as your landing spot then it is recommended that 1-2 players in your team land in the container’s area and they can easily find combat supplies here and head to the city to support their teammates.


Pubg New Map: Know everything about Karakin

In the middle of our journey to Al Habar, we will be passing the enclosed warehouse. You will need to use a sticky bomb to blast the walls that look less solid to get in. There’s always something nice in here, but be careful as one might not want to hide behind those walls during combat because that unmaintained walls can be easily penetrated with just a touch making you susceptible to attacks from enemies and exposing you to dangers.

Al Habar

Al Habar is the largest urban area in Karakin. There are many residents hence the numerous high -rising residence. No doubt, this place will be a popular spot in the future.

Bahr Sahir

Bahr Sahir where stores and exports goods of Karakin. This is the perfect spot to search for weapons making it my personal favourite place.


It was a city congested with residence will tall buildings providing convenience in observing the surrounding movements. Just make sure to not lose your directions here.

Cargo Ship

Our final destination is the Cargo ship located at the southwest, corner of the map. This ship has been idle here for like forever and has already been abandoned and yet there are still goods that remained here. However due to the gigantic size of the Cargo ship and the containers, this place no doubt becomes a place to rumble.

Don’t you feel the excitement already by just thinking of it?
Besides these urban areas, Karakin also houses many such little buildings. Rumour has it that there is another passage beneath these buildings as well as a huge space beneath Karakin. Well, it’s up to you to believe them or not.

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