Ronaldo reveals how a lot he dislikes Coca-Cola tells individuals to drink water

Cristiano Ronaldo says: Drink water, not Coca-Cola

Portugal international legend player Cristiano Ronaldo has triggered an industry trade bustle in his press conference ahead of the match with Hungary.

Cristiano Ronaldo sat down observed some bottles of Coca-Cola on the desk. He picked every of them up and moved them out of the shot.

Lifting up his bottle of water he merely talked about, “Water.”

The Messi Pepsi narrative

Ronaldo’s rivalry with Lionel Messi has been a long-standing one. Throughout every their careers they’ve battled to be among the finest footballer on the planet.

Commercially, they’re moreover every massive sponsor hooks and have represented loads of merchandise gaining vital income from them.

However, whereas Ronaldo is averse to promoting fizzy drinks, his Barcelona rival has seemingly little or no in the direction of it.

Messi has featured in commercials and adverts for Pepsi, an unlimited rival of Coca-Cola.

All eyes on the return of the UEFA Champions League. Messi seems to be prepared – are you? #ThatsWhatILike #UCL

— Pepsi (@pepsi) August 6, 2020

Coca-Cola are partnered with the European Championships therefore why the bottles had been positioned at the entrance of the Juve ahead.

Football matches on June 15

Hungary vs Portugal15 June, 17:00 (In 7 hours)
France vs Germany15 June, 20:00 (In 10 hours)
Japan vs Kyrgyzstan15 June, 11:25 (In 1 hours)
India vs Afghanistan15 June, 15:00 (In 5 hours)
United Arab Emirates vs Vietnam15 June, 17:45 (In 8 hours)
Thailand vs Malaysia15 June, 17:45 (In 8 hours)
Bangladesh vs Oman15 June, 18:00 (In 8 hours)
China vs Syrian Arab Republic15 June, 19:00 (In 9 hours)
Saudi Arabia vs Uzbekistan15 June, 19:00 (In 9 hours)
Palestine vs Yemen15 June, 19:00 (In 9 hours)
Chinese Taipei vs Kuwait15 June, 20:00 (In 10 hours)
Curacao vs Panama16 June, 01:00 (In 15 hours)
Canada vs Haiti16 June, 02:05 (In 16 hours)
El Salvador vs Saint Kitts and Nevis16 June, 02:05 (In 16 hours)

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