Team Deathmatch : Warehouse

In team Deathmatch, players have endless respawns and will get 1 point for each enemy they kill. The team that kills 40 players first will win. If no teams manage to kill 40 players within 10 minutes, the team that killed the most players win. Players who are killed will respawn at their initial position after 3 seconds and will be invincible for 3 seconds.

About the Map

The warehouse map is symmetrical, with spawn points at both ends of the map and a large warehouse in the middle that has many bunkers and containers on both sides.

Positioning Tactics

1) Behind the stone that is slightly left of the center :
This spot is easy to defend and difficult to attack when you are crouching here because there is a stone in front of you and a container beside you. You will be able to kill enemies effectively with an SMG from this point. Even if you are injured, you can return to the container and wait for your health to be restored.

Team Deathmatch : Warehouse

2) The lower right corner of the warehouse :
There are three overlapping wooden crates here, climbing to the top and crouching here will give you a view of the entire warehouse. Players don’t usually immediately check if there are any enemies hiding on top of wooden crates, so this is a good spot for an ambush.

Team Deathmatch : Warehouse

3) Resource Refresh Points: Firearms that are unavailable in the misc warehouse, such as the AWM, M249, and MK14 and a limited number of corresponding bullets, will spawn in the warehouse at the center of the map.

A level 3 helmet or a leveL 3 armour will spawn in the middle of the left and right side of the map, and each one will spawn on each side. Get stronger armour to improve your defence.

They Challenged me in TDM :

Weapon Recommendations :

If you like to attack, it is recommended that you lead the charge with a Rifle + SMG combination. Hurt your enemies with the Rifle at short and medium-range and quickly switch to the SMG as you approach them to complete the kill.

Team Deathmatch : Warehouse

In short, this mode gives the player a more exciting, fast-paced gameplay. People who enjoy charging at enemies will enjoy this mode very much.

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