5 Reasons Why Ford Mustang Is Best Sportscar For India

The performance segment is seeing a surge of fully imported cars right from the AMG from Mercedes to M cars from BMW and amongst these German go-fast machines is the Ford Mustang. Now we think the Ford Mustang is the best sportscar for India.

Here are 5 reasons why the Pony car is the best selling sports coupe in the world.

Reason 1: Look

The Ford Mustang is pure muscle, right from the long hood, 19-inch magnetic gloss paint machined alloy wheels to the coupe design and that iconic rear, this sports car draws massive attention.

Reason 2: Performance

With a 5.0-litre V8 engine sitting under the hood, the Ford Mustang is not only fast but also furious as the naturally aspirated motor loves to be revved, redlining at 7000 RPM with an addictive exhaust note. Power delivery is linear throughout and there is a constant surge in power, the ton coming up in second gear itself.

Ford Mustang Engine

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Reason 3: Practicality

In spite of being a sports car, the Mustang is quite practical as the ride quality is good and the ground clearance is decent enough to tackle the speed-breakers of India.

Reason 4: Handling

The Ford Mustang has fantastic handling with steering that offers good feedback. The car darts into corners with confidence and remains very stable at high speeds, it has excellent brakes too.

Ford Mustang

Reason 5: Price

While the Ford Mustang is still quite expensive when compared to its US price. There is no other car that offers this kind of performance under a crore, making the sixth-generation Mustang one of our favourites.

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