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Hello everyone all of you knows that BGMIS (Battleground Mobile India Series) is coming soon. I got a lot of dm regarding this topic. Hence I am writing this blog so you will be learning how & where to drop, how many kills are needed, mindset, how to get high kills and more in this blog.

What is BGMIS ?

BGMIS is a Battleground Mobile India Series which is announced by Krafton. This is an important topic. Let me explain BGMIS first it’s an in-game qualifier to the biggest tournament featuring the best players play 15 matches,10 of the best matches will be picked from it. There is no room for mistakes in this qualifier & you will face hackers. I had an experience while playing this during Pubg and had 25 average and was not able to qualify for it. We had no clue about how to drop during that time & everything else we just rushed & took the max kills we could.

Let’s talk about the average kills-30,35 there is a chance to qualify. But 35-40 kills,90% chance you can qualify & 40 above 100% chance(hackers).

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Now that I have explained all the basic things. I will move on to the important tips for you to qualify if you have a potential squad.

1) Dropping

Hot drop is good but doesn’t take the Military base, Georgopol & Nova. These are regions where you could die easily due to gunfights. Our main aim is Chicken dinner with max kills without getting dinner you have successfully wasted your match even if you have kills. During gunfights in these locations if we lose a single teammate we are at big disadvantages so avoid these 3 places.

Best Place To Drop

The best places to drop are School, Pochinki and Rozhok. You will have 2 squads coming with you since it is the centre & you will be able to find enemies very easily. Then consider playing every match like a competitive match but with high rush gameplay no time to rest each second matters.

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2) How to drop

It is best to play 2 by 2 split & take maximum fights. This will help in getting a lot of kills & improving the average kills. Simple squads come so quickly take 1 vs 4 & when a difficult squad comes don’t hesitate to call for backup.

3) Pickup enough Energy Drink

Make sure you have a lot of drinks pick all of them & make sure you are 100% boosted all the time this helps you a lot. 100% boost makes your movements faster & make you a beast in close range & in the end, everything moves to your crosshair.

4) Crosshair

Confidence is the key to crosshair without it you can’t win. Make sure you practice on your crosshair every day from today.

5) Android Devices

You will be playing against android devices you have a chance to win this time. You will be up against players without IOS. You have a golden opportunity this time.

6) Tier and How to escape hackers

There are 2 types of hackers. Expensive ones who never get banned & others. The first one will be in Ace, Conqueror mostly. Our aim is to stay between Platinum & Diamond. We could get noob hackers which we can easily kill so let’s aim at that.

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7) Exit that Match

So as I told you before, we have 15 matches we are getting 5 extra chances that could get wasted by these hackers. This is a good tip while in Island check the plane path & it moves through Novo, immediately exit that match. People will die very fastly in this path & if you come across a good hacker play separately & focus on the chicken you can win. Chicken dinner is very important there is no substitute for it you have to win each & every match. After each fight rush to the next if you have no health get in the car & the other person should drive each time.

8) T1 Players Don’t Play

T1 players don’t have to play these, they get invited to the next round. So this is a golden opportunity for people like us.

9) Low End Devices

A message to low-end devices this is your golden chance. If you work hard this time, this is your chance don’t forget “Crosshair”.


So I have given you all the tips needed to do this. If you follow these tips you will qualify for the BGMIS, if you work hard. And make sure you make each one of your squad read this, so they can add some things to their place and make it a success.

I have done this blog due to the dm I received. I explain to many but not in a detailed way like hopefully many understood.

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