God of Cricket: Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar once in a life, even though you are not a cricket fan, you have taken this you have listened to this legend’s name. Many legends and experts say, “If Cricket is a religion, Sachin is a God.” 

India is a country with the most spectators of cricket, which shows the people’s love for cricket. Where ever you take a walk, you will find a bunch of kids playing in the street. After India won the “1983 world cup”, it brought complete transformation in Indian cricket. It might be a sport for every other country, but if we talk about Indian fans, cricket is an emotion.

Indian cricket has seen many great legendry cricketers, including them. Sachin is another name to be remembered in the future who has already inspired lakhs of players. Sachin Tendulkar had a massive career of 30 years, in which he has accomplished magnificent goals and wonders for the India and Indian cricket team. That’s why many cricket lovers admire him and worship him as a God in the game of cricket.

Sachin’s (God of Cricket) Personal Information

Name of legendSachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Nick NameMaster Blaster and Little Mater
Guided RoleRight-handed batsmen
Family RelationsAnjali Ramesh Tendulkar (Wife)
Ramesh Tendulkar (Father)
Rajni Tendulkar (Mother)
Arjun Tendulkar (Son)
Sara Tendulkar (Daughter)
Date of birth24th April 1973
Place of birthMumbai

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Who is He? (God of Cricket)

Sachin was born in the streets of Bombay on 24 April 1973 named Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Ramesh Tendulkar was his father; by profession, he was a Marathi Novelist who had written various Marathi books and novels, and his wife’s name was Rajni Tendulkar. Sachin was a famous Indian cricketer who also had led the Indian cricket team as a captain.

Sachin (God of Cricket)
Image Source Flickr

After Vivian Richards and Sir Donald George Bradman, he is considered the most incredible batsman history has ever created. Sachin (god of cricket) is the only player who has scored 100 centuries in international cricket, and he is the highest run-scorer in the longer format of the game. Sachin Tendulkar got retired from international cricket in the year 2013. He achieved so much during his career that people consider him a God of Cricket and call him the master blaster or little master.

Start of Sachin Tendulkar Era

Sachin Tendulkar took the bat in his hand at the age of 11. He was perfect in the school tournament; from there, he came into the limelight. The one inning changed his life when he partnered with Vinod Kambli of 664 runs in the tournament. This innings questioned the mind of selectors and encouraged them to see what talent the 16 years of the kid got. The selectors were impressed, and without any delay, they selected Sachin Tendulkar for the INDIA VS PAKISTAN series at a very young age.

Sachin (God of Cricket)
Image Source by Wikimedia

There’s an autobiography about Sachin Tendulkar in which he has mentioned his memorable and golden moment in the India vs Pakistan series. A 16-year-old kid was facing a ruthless bowling attack of the Pakistani team on 15 November 1989 in Karachi. It was one of the deadliest bowling attack crickets has ever produced, but Sachin had his answer to their questions, even after getting a smack on the head in the early stages of the innings. He faced Pakistani bowlers gracefully and learned with the greatest names in the cricket-like Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar. 

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Legendry Innings of Sachin (God of Cricket)

There are almost 100’s innings Sachin played, of which people have a memory about. Let’s take a glance at some best innings-

  1. In 2010 Sachin scored a double century for the first time in an international match. It never happened in ODI before. Sachin put 200 runs off the board in just 147 balls in Gwalior against South Africa, a strong team. Inning reflected the caliber and explosive character of Sachin Tendulkar. 
  2. The time when nobody knew Sachin. He partnered with Vinod Kambli for 664 runs at the age of 16, which was the main turning point in his cricket career.
  3. Another most recognized inning of Sachin, when he was playing in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) against Pakistan, where he made 141 runs utilizing just 135 balls against a good bowling attack. Even though Pakistan got the victory but Sachin was honored with Man of the match for his batting.

Interesting facts about Sachin Tendulkar (God of Cricket)

  • He is the foremost player to get nominated for the Rajya Sabha award.
  • Sachin Tendulkar was a ball boy in the match at Wankhade stadium.
  • During the early stage of his career, his coach gave him a coin for not getting dismissed, and Sachin has 13 of those.
  • Sachin Tendulkar used to own Maruti 800, which was his first car.
  • He is the youngest cricket player who got a chance to play for the country.
  • Sachin was complained to the official for using a broader bat than a standard willow.
  • As you will notice, Sachin looks calm innocent in life, but he was bullied in his school time.
  • Significantly fewer people know music was one of the secrets to being calm and be relaxed in such a challenging situation.
  • Sachin is the youngest cricketer to get 1000 runs. He is the only one to avail of such a milestone at such young age.

Career Statistics

Format Of GameplayTESTODI
Matches Played200463
Average in batting53.7844.83
50’s / 100’s68/5196/49
Highest score248200
Bowling wickets46154
5 Wickets Hall46154
Best figures in bowling3/105/32
Runs scored in matches1592118426
10 Wicket Hall00

Retirement of God of Cricket

Sachin (God of Cricket)
Image Source Wikimedia

It gave goosebumps and tears to many Cricket fans. The God of Cricket announced his retirement after completing a test match against West Indies on 10 October 2013. Sachin scored 74 runs against West Indies in the last match of his life. When Sachin got out, he was just short of 79 runs to achieve the 16000 runs milestone in test cricket. Many celebrities, politicians local and international were present to have a last look watching legend playing his last match international cricket.

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