Ice Haus Events: A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Winter Event

Ice Haus Events: Are you searching for the ideal venue for your winter event? Ice Haus Events offers a versatile venue, making it the ideal setting to hold all your winter events. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this venue while offering tips and suggestions for hosting an incredible winter event!

Introduction to Ice Haus Events

In downtown Denver’s heart, Ice Haus Events provides guests with an exceptional event experience. Ice Haus Events is a popular venue for weddings, corporate functions, and private celebrations, boasting chic industrial design and panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Choosing the Right Venue

When organizing a winter event, finding a venue that can meet your guests’ and your own requirements is paramount. Ice Haus Events has hosted events of all sizes—from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations—at its spacious main floor, mezzanine level, and rooftop deck, providing plenty of room for guests to mix and mingle freely!

Winter-Themed Decor

Ice Haus Events provides a blank slate to create the ultimate winter wonderland and complete the look and atmosphere you have always imagined. From snowflake projections to ice sculptures, there are endless opportunities.

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Food and Drink Options

Ice Haus Events understands that catering is fundamental to any successful event. They offer an impressive range of catering services tailored to your event’s requirements. From gourmet hors d’oeuvres to elaborate dinner buffets, their experienced catering team is on hand to create menus that exceed your guests’ expectations.

Entertainment Ideas

Ice Haus Events: A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Winter Event
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Ice Haus Events provides various entertainment ideas to create memorable events, from live music performances and ice skating shows to renting our unique Ice Haus ice rink for guest enjoyment.

Winter Event Planning Tips

Planning a winter event takes extra planning. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while organizing one:

  • Ensure all guests] dress according to the weather conditions
  • and choose decor that complements your event theme and winter weather conditions.
  • Transportation delays could occur; plan accordingly and
  • have a backup plan in case any unexpected events arise during or following your event.
  • Remember to include winter-inspired food and drinks when planning your winter event menu.

Benefits of Choosing Ice Haus Events

Selecting Ice Haus Events as your winter event location offers many advantages, including:

  • It is a unique and unforgettable venue designed to impress guests,
  • featuring flexible space that configures to your needs and an experienced catering team that can create menus tailored specifically for them.
  • In addition, we provide entertainment options that will keep them engaged and amused throughout their visit.
  • Denver’s prime downtown location with breathtaking mountain views.

Ice Haus Events: A Versatile Winter Event Venue

Ice Haus Events provides an unforgettable setting for your winter event, offering stunning mountain views and customizable event areas perfect for any special occasion – corporate, wedding, or holiday party-related! Ice Haus can accommodate events of any size and type.

Parkview Ice House Event Calendar

Ice Haus Events is a premier event venue in [City], hosting various winter-season events such as skating at Parkview Ice House – one of the most beloved winter activities! For your convenience, they provide public skate times, hockey matches, and other special occasions on their event calendar.

Mid South Ice House Event Calendar

Ice skating is no longer restricted to northern cities alone! At Mid South Ice House in [City], they provide an assortment of ice-related activities for all ages, including public skate sessions and figure skating lessons – plus, keep an eye out on their event calendar for specials and promotions!

Fort Wayne Ice House Event Calendar

Fort Wayne Ice House provides an ideal place to escape the cold weather and have some ice skating fun! Their event calendar features public skate sessions, hockey games, and special occasions for all levels of skaters at this landmark facility!

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Ice RC Event

Fans of remote-controlled (RC) vehicles won’t want to miss Ice Haus Events’ Ice RC Event! This exciting event offers thrilling RC car races on an exclusive ice track with obstacles and jumps designed to challenge even experienced drivers. No car of your own? Not a problem; rental units will be available so anyone can join in the fun.

Upcoming Ice Events

Looking for something fun to do this winter? Take a look at Ice Haus Events’ calendar for an array of ice-related activities, such as skating and hockey games – there is sure to be something suitable for all ages and skill levels at Ice Haus Events!

How Did Ice Houses Keep Ice Frozen?

Before modern refrigeration was available, ice houses were used to store and keep ice frozen throughout the year. How was this accomplished? Ice houses were typically constructed underground or partially underground to help maintain cooler temperatures, with harvests from nearby bodies of water in winter for harvesting into an ice house that was insulated with layers of straw and sawdust to keep its interior cold enough for months at a time.

How Long Did Ice Last in an Ice House?

Various factors, including the quality of ice, insulation levels in an ice house, and temperature conditions, affect how long ice will remain stable in an ice house. On average, it could last several months provided it’s stored correctly within such an enclosure; however, it could melt much quicker during warmer weather or if not adequately insulated.

Ice House Events Across the Country

Ice Haus Events is just one example of many ice house event venues throughout the U.S. From Brewster Street Ice House in Texas to Strokers Ice House in Georgia; various event spaces offer memorable winter experiences.

Albert Ice House of Wisconsin and Kirby Ice House in Houston are other notable event spaces that host exceptional winter celebrations. At the same time, River Road Ice House is found near New Braunfels, Texas, for even more unforgettable winter celebrations.

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Brewster Street Ice House Events:

Brewster Street Ice House in Corpus Christi, Texas, is an award-winning live music venue and restaurant known for hosting incredible concerts with incredible musicians like Willie Nelson, Pat Green, and Aaron Watson gracing its stage. It’s also known for great food – with over 200 different varieties served daily! The Brewster Street Ice House has even hosted some of its greatest stars, as Willie Nelson played there recently!

Brewster Street Ice House hosts various events, from concerts and happy hours to special celebrations and live music performances, every weekend on its outdoor stage. Visitors can listen to their favourite bands while snacking on delectable cuisine and sipping chilled beer!

Alongside concerts, this venue also hosts private and corporate functions. Their experienced staff can help organize any size of event – from intimate gatherings to large weddings and corporate functions.

Strokers Ice House Events

Strokers Ice House in Dallas, Texas, is a biker-themed bar and restaurant known for live music, bike nights, delicious food, and excellent drinks. Over time, it has hosted various motorcycle rallies, charity events, and concerts, making this venue one of the best biker spots!

The venue offers an assortment of events, such as live music performances by some of the best local and regional bands each week; bike nights, where riders can park up their motorcycles while also taking advantage of food, drinks, and music provided, are also a regular highlight at this venue.

Strokers Ice House provides more than concerts and bike nights – it hosts special events such as charity fundraisers and motorcycle rallies! Strokers Ice House provides the ideal environment for anyone who appreciates motorcycles and live music.

Albert Ice House Events:

The venue offers various events, such as live music, trivia nights, and special occasions. Visitors can enjoy live performances by local musicians while dining delicious food and sipping a cold beer. In addition, they host trivia nights where attendees can test their knowledge while eating delicious food and drinking refreshing beer.

Albert Ice House provides more than live music and trivia nights; they host special events like charity functions and holiday parties. Perfect for anyone who appreciates excellent beer, delicious food, and good company!

Kirby Ice House Events:

Ice Haus Events: A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Winter Event
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They host various live music performances, trivia nights, special events, and other entertaining gatherings at Kirby Ice House – check their event listings to stay informed about upcoming happenings at this beloved establishment!

Kirby Ice House provides live music, trivia nights, charity events, and holiday parties. Kirby Ice House is the ideal location for anyone who appreciates excellent beer, delectable cuisine, and good times!

River Road Ice House Events:

River Road Ice House in New Braunfels, Texas, is an incredible live music venue and restaurant known for hosting fantastic concerts, delicious meals, and creating a fun environment. River Road Ice House has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including Randy Rogers Band, Pat Green, and Cody Johnson, among many others.

River Road Ice House hosts various weekly events, such as concerts, happy hours, and special occasions. On weekends it hosts live music on its outdoor stage for visitors to enjoy.


Hosting a winter event takes careful planning and consideration, but with the right venue and creativity, you can ensure it becomes an event guest will remember. Ice Haus Events provides the ideal setting with its chic industrial design, spectacular mountain views, and versatile event space – the perfect environment for creating an unforgettable winter celebration!

Ice Haus Events provides an unforgettable winter event space. Boasting industrial-chic design, breathtaking mountain views, and customizable event space – as well as winter-themed decor such as gourmet catering options – Ice Haus Events has everything needed to host the ideal winter event. Book yours now to make this season’s occasion truly unforgettable!


Can I bring in my caterer?

Ice Haus Events offers in-house catering services to create menus to meet your catering needs; however, if there is an individual caterer you wish to use instead, discuss all available options with their team at Ice Haus Events.

Are there parking options near Ice Haus Events?

Yes. Ice Haus offers street and paid parking lot options and valet parking for an additional fee.

Are ice rink rentals available?

Ice Haus’ rink rental option makes for an unusual and memorable activity that your guests will remember for years after attending your event.

Are accommodations provided for guests with disabilities?

Yes, Ice Haus Events is accessible for guests with disabilities and features an elevator leading up to its mezzanine level.

How early should I book my event at Ice Haus Events?

For optimal results and timely preparation and planning of your event, we recommend booking six months out to guarantee availability and have enough time for planning and preparation.

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