BGMI New 8 Vs 8 TDM Santorini Map

BGMI and PUBG Mobile have introduced the latest 8 vs 8 TDM Mode in Santorini Map. Krafton is the regular entertainer of their users, which is bringing an end number of events to the gamers on a daily basis. As the game is having a wide range of fans around the globe it’s obvious to revert something back for them. It always brings new surprises and gifts in one of the best battle royal games.

The New BGMI update has brought the latest TDM mode and a character named Jujutsu Kaisen.

BGMI’s newly launched 1.8.5 update. Normally TDM mode used to take place between 4 vs 4 gamers only. It used to be a close combat fight between players but now players can have an 8 vs 8 battle against each other.

Santorini Map

BGMI New TDM Santorini Map

The latest TDM map of Battlegrounds mobile India is named Santorini, which comes with an action-packed gaming mode of close range with more excitement and fun. It holds the same blueprint of 4 vs 4 TDM of Arena and warehouse. In Santorini, two teams of 8 and 8 players each battle against each other making use of your previous loadout just like 4 vs 4 TDM the players will get respawn as soon as they get knocked out.

Santorini Map

The health of the players will hike automatically if they get damaged. Scoring more kills and assists will reward your TDM boost gauge. It gives you a large chunk of healing when you don’t receive any damage for a longer period of time. The good thing about the Santorini map is that it is also available to play in Arena training.

The differentiation of the teams can be made on the basis of colors. One team is given red and another one is given blue.

Usuable guns in Santorini 8 Vs 8 TDM

The game allows players to use their previous loadout of guns, which they have been using in 4 vs 4 TDM in Arena and warehouse. Players can choose their own weapon from the given list which covers all sorts of guns from Pistols to Machine guns depending on the level of achievement of the players.

A player can also attach attachments of the particular gun that depend upon the level criteria. The higher your level is the more access you get. The preferred criteria of setting up a loadout are keeping 2 ARs, one sniper and one shotgun as it gives only 4 slots with an attached pistol with each gun. Players even get to use drop guns like Groza and Aug.

BGMI Collaboration with Jujutsu

We have seen Krafton encouraging collaboration with various types of brands, songs, movies, etc. Krafton has already collaborated with Godzilla, On my way song and all. The best part is while promotion they give users a real in-game touch of that particular brand instead of just simple screen advertisement.

Krafton has come up with a new collaboration in battlegrounds mobile India. Jujutsu Kaisen is a famous anime. There are a variety of characters playing lead roles in the anime like Satuoru, Yuji and Nobara. All these three characters are available in the Ranked version of the game in Livik and Erangle.

The profile of these characters is locked, gamers can avail the profile of anime characters in the locked treasure characters, through the gathering of rare ingredients which can be replaced with rewards and specific achievements. Players can summon cursed corpses by utilizing the utility of cursed corpse grenades. Gamers can defeat the cursed corpse and achieve exclusive rewards.


The player’s emoting is comparatively thin and fast. The background of the game reminds me of CS (counter strike), which makes it even special. It involves a maximum of 16 players in a match including the opponent that’s why it doesn’t lag at all. It works smoothly even on mid-range phones.

The map generally has two sides and each side has 3 ways to reach the enemy’s point. Mid-point of both sides can be used for long-range sprays and sniping and from the other two sides players can take close-range fights with the enemies. The location of the map and the view is quite satisfying. The area is situated near the seashore. While taking a fight it gives an exotic feeling to the player.

We hope this article has given you enough knowledge regarding gameplay including the features of the map. Stay tuned to get more exciting gaming articles.


Q How many players can participate in a single match of Santorini Map?

Earlier it used to be 4 vs 4 TDM in arena and warehouse, with an upcoming update of BGMI Krafton has extended the participation of players in a single match. In the Santorini map, you can play 8 vs 8 TDM, which means a total of 16 players can participate in a single match.

Q How is the gameplay compared to classic ranked games of BGMI?

The gameplay is quite smooth and highly responsive, which allows players to make fast movements on their devices. It involves a maximum of 16 players in a single match. Due to the involvement of fewer players at a time, it doesn’t lag at all even in low-end devices.

The background of the game is quite familiar to counterstrike. CS is a very popular game of the old days. It was used to be played on PC. You will definitely love the gameplay of 8 vs 8 TDM in the Santorini map.

Q What sort of guns are provided in the Santorini Map, does the player have to collect weapons like a classic?

NO, you don’t have to find guns on the floor or ground like classic ranked matches.

The Map allows you to take guns from your own built loadout. one can customize his/her loadout according to their specification and loved guns.

One can use all sorts of guns present in the loadout just like Arena and warehouse. A player can also add attachments to the guns.

We hope this article has given you enough knowledge regarding gameplay including the features of the map. Stay tuned to get more exciting gaming articles.

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