M16A4 vs MK47

Today, we will be comparing M16A4 vs MK47 Mutant, most of the players hate using these two weapons because they are semi-automatic, or burst fire guns which makes them extremely difficult to use. For example, when you spray with M416, you just need to hold the fire button to fire, whereas M16 or MK47 requires you to tap the fire button continuously until your target is down.

So that’s why I will mention a few tips and tricks on how to use the burst fire weapons and also when and in which situation you should be using them.


Tips & Tricks

Damage Comparison :

Let’s start the comparison with damage information, the M16A4 uses 5.56 ammo and it has the same damage as an M416, whereas the MK47 uses 7.62 ammo and it has the same damage as an AKM. So the MK47 has the higher damage advantage here but the higher damage comes at the cost of higher recoil.

Recoil :

Let’s check the recoil pattern of these weapons. Obviously, MK47 has the highest recoil twice as much when compared to M16A4, so it’s kinda hard to control that weapon. When you use all the best attachments then the MK47’s recoil will decrease significantly but not by a lot, still, M16 has low recoil.

Compare to M416 & AKM :

Let’s compare these weapons next to M416 and AKM, to see how well do they perform. Surprisingly the M16A4 and MK47 has slightly lower recoil than M416 and AKM by around 5% or more I think.

But however, this recoil pattern is not 100% accurate because you may tap faster or slower and it could change the recoil completely so keep that in mind. Now to the rate of fire, so the firing rate of these two guns are unknown, I can’t really measure the rate of fire or firing rate because some people are capable of tapping the fire button faster so that can increase the rate of fire. However, I find that MK47 has the ability to rapid faster or in other words it can shoot really fast, where the M16A4 has a delay between each burst shot fired forgot to mention that M16 fires 3 bullets where MK47 fires 2. But however, MK47 destroys M16 in close range because it can burst fire really quickly anyway.


I’m not gonna go any deeper into this comparison because most of you wouldn’t really consider these two guns as your primary weapons but you still have to use them, until you find a proper gun like fully automatic weapons.
So in the final conclusion on which weapon you should be using, or which gun is better, well, both weapons are useful
in their own way.

But according to my experience, MK47 is extremely powerful in close range, because it deals the same amount of damage as an AKM. But also that high damage will result in high recoil which shouldn’t be a big problem for controlling recoil in a close range. Mostly I think, but if you use M16A4 for close range, it’s a really terrible weapon for close combat fights. You will totally have to depend on your skills to land your shots, but mostly on luck, if your lucky you might connect all your shots, if not you are dead. But MK47 is a bit better when it comes to close range, and the M16A4 is actually better at long range since it has really high bullet velocity and low recoil, and most people use it as a single tapping gun.

Use DMR in Close Range :

But I don’t really understand why not just use a DMR like mini 14, it’s way more powerful. So to sum up, use MK47 for close range under 50 meters and M16A4 for mid to long-range from 100 meters away so how to use the burst fire weapons, first knock down the enemy with your other weapon and use either MK47 or M16A4 to kill them, pretty easy right, ok I’m just kidding,

How to learn Burst Guns :

The best way to learn how to use burst fire guns is by using them more often, and I would recommend playing team deathmatches by using either M16 or MK47 until you think you learned it. By the way, MK47 is a beast in TDM.

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