Myth Buster in PUBG mobile another edition for you

I know you all were waiting for the another edition of myth buster for pubg mobile. So, here we are back with the myth buster series in PUBG mobile. Today in this blog we will be taking a look at the some of the interesting myths that might be useful to you and some are completely useless but fun to know.

Myths in PUBG mobile game

You will find these myths very interesting:

1. Disappear smoke of an airdrop

Starting with the first myth- you can disappear the smoke of an airdrop or a flare drop by throwing a Molotov on it. This kind-a looks sus. But, let us give it a try and see if Molotov actually makes the smoke go away. As you can see, the red smoke is coming out from the airdrop. Now let’s throw a Molotov exactly on top of the supply drop. So yeah, nothing happens, the smoke is still there, so the myth is busted.

Myth buster in pubg mobile

2. In HDR Graphics, see enemy far away

Moving on to the next myth, when you use HDR Graphics, you can see enemies that are more than 400m away from you with 8x scope. Ok so basically the maximum render distance or the maximum distance you can spot enemies in PUBG MOBILE is around 320 meters. If the enemy goes beyond 320 meters, they will just disappear like this, but this is currently on smooth graphic settings.

Now let us change the graphics settings to HDR to see if it renders the enemy beyond 320 meters away. as you can see the enemy disappeared even in the HDR graphic settings, so the maximum render distance is around 320 meters, if the enemy goes beyond that, you won’t be able to see them. So the myth is busted!!

Myth Buster in PUBG mobile another edition for you

3. Small lake near power plant in livik

Moving on to the next myth, there’s a small lake near the power plant in livik. If you are prone there, enemies bullets wouldn’t hit you. So after searching for this lake for about an hour, I finally found it.

Now an enemy is sleeping inside the lake, if I shoot, the bullets wouldn’t hit the enemy, this is because the water will not let any bullets pass through it. So the myth is confirmed, for example, if you try shooting someone inside water, it wouldn’t hit them because water absorbs all the bullets.

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However, the enemy can shoot at you, the only way to kill your enemy when they are inside water is by either throwing grenades, or you could go prone and fire.

Pubg myth buster

4. After update, you can stand on any four wheeler

Anyway moving on to the next myth, After an update, you can stand on any four-wheeler vehicle, you won’t fall down at any speed. Ok, I know what this is about, so basically, when you have a buggy and it is already full, you can tell your teammate to stand in front of the buggy’s engine like this. And now you can start driving, your teammate won’t fall down at any speed. This also works on the other vehicles such as this two-seater, and also with the bike, but you need to be a little bit careful while driving as there is a small chance that your teammate will fall off. And most importantly, don’t crouch when doing this, otherwise, You will get knocked out.

Myth Buster in PUBG mobile another edition for you

5. Glasses Reappear

Anyway moving on to the next myth, break all the window glasses of a house, and restart the game, after that the glasses will reappear. first I’am gonna break all the window glasses of this squad house. And now restarting the game. Alright so after restarting the game, all the broken windows reappeared again but if I break one window again, all the broken windows will break or disappear automatically. So this myth is kind-a confirmed, that the window glasses will reappear but they fake. 

Myth Buster in PUBG mobile another edition for you

6. Use air conveyer to reach fly matrix

Now moving on to the next myth, you can use an air conveyer to reach the flying cell-matrix in the sky. So when I was flying to the spawn island, through the air conveyer, I was able to find this flying cell matrix, which by the way you can land on it. and I was also able to jump inside, but there is nothing here, and there is no way you can get out from this cell matrix area. So the myth is confirmed

Myth Buster in PUBG mobile another edition for you

7. Smoke in airdrops will go in few moments myth

Moving on to the next myth. If you completely loot the airdrop, the smoke in airdrop will be gone in few moments. Another airdrop smoke myth, alright lets test this. I’m gonna loot the airdrop completely, and now lets see if the smoke disappears. Looks like this myth is busted, I don’t think you can make the smoke disappear. By the way if your wondering how long it will take for this smoke to disappear on its own. It is around 2 minutes. 

Myth busted in pubg

So these were some of the myth buster that people asked recently from us. We have shown you some myths being busted and some being confirmed. We hope you liked that.

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