Pubg Weapon Guide: Scar-L

Scar-L has 2 settings; single and full auto. Available in Erangel and Mirama, this AR is very practical in the early stages of a game. The initial capacity is 30 rounds or 40 with an extended magazine.


Muzzle & Grip, Compensator, Angled foregrip.

Scarl is prone to horizontal eleviation in sustained fire. compensator and angled foregrip are recommended.


Scar-L can handle combat at different ranges, choose a scope according to the situation.

Aiming Sight

Scarl has an iron peep sight to improve accuracy and help shooters focus. However, its harder to be aware of the surroundings when aiming.


Without attachments, shots from the Scarl have a big vertical dropoff and a certain horizontal deviation with average stability.
With full attachments (extended reload mag, muzzle, compensator & angled foregrip) Scar-L showed significant improvement, especially in trajectory and clusters to increase the hit rate.


Scarl has fewer needs of attachments and is powerful in combat making it a good choice in the early stages of a game. A fully- equipped Scarl can handle most combat situations when paired with a DMR/SR.

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