New Sensitivity Settings (PUBG MOBILE 1.5 UPDATE) ADS Gyroscope Sensitivity Guide/Tutorial

So in Pubg’s new 1.5 update, there is a lot of new things have been added. For example, new weapons and new game mode, and stuff like that, but the biggest change that I have seen is the new sensitivity settings. if you are a gyroscope player, then you always wanted a separate sensitivity for sniping, instead of changing sensitivity every time you snipe. So Pubg finally added that now you can customize sensitivity for each and every weapon.

New Gyroscope Sensitivity
New Gyroscope Sensitivity

But first, let’s take a look at the new gyroscope sensitivity which has been added. The ADS Gyroscope Sensitivity before that there is only one gyroscope sensitivity, but now there are two gyroscope sensitivity. The normal one and the ADS Gyro sensitivity.

So let me explain to you how the new sensitivity works.

So the normal Gyro sensitivity or the old Gyro sensitivity is now used for aiming, like adjusting your aim, by tilting your phone. While the ADS gyro sensitivity will activate the moment you start firing, so basically the ADS gyro sensitivity is for recoil controlling and the normal one is for aiming.

For example, I set my ADS gyroscope sensitivity of 6x scope to 400%, and the normal gyroscope sensitivity of 6x scope to 1%, so if I tilt my phone, it doesn’t move my aim. But as soon as I started firing the ADS gyroscope sensitivity will activate. The ADS sensitivity only works while firing, which is extremely useful for single tapping and aiming more accurately.

New Gyroscope Sensitivity

Now let’s say you spraying with 4x scope, and now you wanted to snipe with 4x scope, but the 4x scope will be extremely shaky because of its high sensitivity which is spraying sensitivity. Before most people used to adjust their gyro sensitivity in mid-game while sniping.

New Gyroscope Sensitivity

How to do separate sensitivity for each and every weapon

Now you can have separate sensitivity for each and every weapon. Click on add, now add whatever sniper rifle you want to customize, and add configuration. Now you have to customize it, go to gyroscope sensitivity and then change your 3x scope sensitivity, 4x scope sensitivity and 6x scope sensitivity to whatever you want for sniping. By the way, low sensitivity is better for sniping and you can apply the same sensitivity for ADS gyroscope. However, it doesn’t affect anything for sniping and now you don’t need to adjust your sensitivity whenever you use a sniper but wait, you can customize any weapon, literally any weapon.

New Gyroscope Sensitivity

For example, you could use high ADS gyro sensitivity for 7.62 weapons like AKM and Beryl because they have very high recoil. You can leave the normal gyroscope sensitivity the same as it is, but customize only the ADS gyro one, increase it by up to 50 to 100% for 3x and 4x scopes. Now you can spray much better with high recoil weapons like AKM and Beryl, and also it doesn’t affect your aiming skills as long as you keep the same gyro sensitivity for all the assault rifles, only change the ADS gyro sensitivity.


Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog I hope you learned something new if you did then share our blog with your Pubg friends.

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