PUBG/BGMI 1.7 Update (Mirror island is the NEW HOT DROP)

Hello friends, today we will talk about the new update 1.7 of BGMI/PUBG that is Mirror Island, and we will take a look at new tips and tricks of Mirror Island.

Mirror Island

Mirror island will always be a substantial hot drop and full of chaos. So if you want to survive on this mirror island, pick up a gun and quickly climb up these rocks and camp here. You can always choose to play aggressively because everyone on this island will play very aggressively since you can respawn back into Erangle.

However, if you want to survive on this mirror island, you have to camp on rocks. But I would highly recommend you to play as aggressively as possible and rush every single time so you’ll learn more in this way.

How to land faster on Mirror Island

Many of you must be wondering when you should jump out from the plane to land faster on the mirror island. In my opinion, the best way or the fastest way is by jumping when you’re close to the island near 500 meters. But not any less than 500 meters away, and now you can use the fast landing method to glide towards the island.

Mirror Island

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Mirror Island will disappear after 5 mins.

This mirror island will disappear after the first five minutes. After that, you can enter the second mirror island (Champion Island), which you can find on your map. Another camping strategy you could wait near the blue portal and wait for your opponents to come near it, and you can take them out by surprise.

Anyway, entering the blue portal will take you to the second mirror island, also known as a champion island. As soon as you enter, you’ll transform into a hero.


There are four heroes, and you’ll be randomly selected if you don’t like it. You can transform into another hero, but only once. Now you must be asking who is the best hero.

Who is the best/most powerful Hero?

1) Jayce (the guy with the hammer)


In my opinion, Jayce is overpowered because every time I use Jayce, I always get a lot of kills; with the hectic hammer, you can use hypercharge and blast. So you deal more damage; this is op.

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2) Jinx (machine gun)


The next most powerful would be Jinx; she has a machine gun, and her particular skill is a super mega death rocket which can take down up to 50 of the health of your opponents.

3) Caylin (not a sniper rifle but its a rifle)


The Caylin has a rifle that kind of feels very similar to Win 94, but you can tap faster during the hip fire, and her particular skill is to trap the opponents for a few seconds.

By the way, whenever you’re using Jinx or Caylin, always aim for the head to get that critical headshot that deals extremely significant damage to your enemies.

4) VI (close combat god)


And lastly, VI, Who can only use her weapons in extreme close-range fights, and it’s mighty, but if your opponents are far, you’ll need to get closer, and you might lose a lot of health until you get close. However, VI is a great fighter and has powerful punches.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog hope you learned something new if you hit the like button and allow our push notifications for a more upcoming blog like these.

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