MK14 vs MG3 vs GROZA: Which gun is best in Pubg/BGMI airdrop?

Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza since all these 3 weapons are extremely powerful which makes them really hard to choose. So in this blog, we will do a comparison to figure out which gun is best in Pubg/BGMI airdrop.

Anyway, each weapon here has its own category, for example, MG3 is a light machine gun, Groza is an assault rifle, and the Mk14 is a Designated marksman rifle also known as DMR, which differentiates each weapon and also makes it easier to choose which kind of weapon you want to use.

Damage Comparison

Base Damage

We all know that Mk14 was the most powerful gun in this game, but let’s see if it’s still the strongest one. So here is the damage information of all 3 guns, so the MG3 has the base damage of 40, which is the lowest among all, whereas the Groza has a base damage of 48, the same damage as an AKM and the MK14 has a base damage of 61, the highest in any fully automatic gun.


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Bullets Per Second (BPS)

Bullets Per Second

Here is the rest of the damage depending on where you hit to make it easier for you to understand. I’m gonna tell you how many bullets it can fire in just 1 second, so the Mk14 can fire approximately 11 bullets per second.

I think MK’s rate of fire is very similar or identical to M416, and the Groza can fire up to 12.5 bullets per second, and lastly, the MG3, can fire up to 16.5 bullets per second.

So we can clearly see that MG3 has a faster firing speed, meaning it can fire 50-60% faster than MK14.


Damage Per Second (DPS)

Damage Per Seconds

Well, let’s find out in DPS, which stands for damage per second. This will tell us exactly how powerful the weapons are. To calculate the DPS, we have to multiply the base damage by the rate of fire, then we’ll get the DPS so by looking at these numbers, the Mk14 has the highest damage per second of 671, quickly followed by MG3, with 660 DPS, that’s like 1-2% less than MK14, and the Groza has 600 DPS which is the lowest but trusts me it’s not bad as you think.


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For example, the M416 has only 450 DPS, that’s 33% lower Damage per second when compared next to Groza. Anyway, it only requires 100 damage to take down your opponent since they only have 100 health, so imagine what you could do by doing over 600+ damage in a second.

By the way, these numbers are only relevant when all the bullets hit the target, missing a few bullets will make everything fall apart. Especially in a game where the recoil is totally random.

Recoil Comparison

Recoil Comparison

So let’s do a recoil comparison to find out which weapon is easier to control. So here is the side-by-side recoil comparison of Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza.

MK14 Recoil Test

Mk14 can only shoot 20 bullets in a single spray, so if we only do 20 rounds for all guns, this is how it looks. so there is no doubt that Mk14 has the highest recoil here, I mean sometimes the spray will go left and right totally in an unpredictable way, so you would most likely miss all your shots. I would say MK14 will be the hardest weapon to handle or control.

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MG3 Recoil Test

Higher damage will always come at the cost of high recoil and the MG3 has the lowest recoil, lower than all the assault rifles, including M416 and Aug etc. Its recoil is kind-a similar to SMGs, but however, the MG3’s recoil tends to move horizontally way too much, which can be a huge problem.

But since it has very low recoil, it won’t be a huge deal, I would say MG3 is one of the easiest weapons to use, for spraying at any distance.

Groza Recoil Test

Now to the Groza, Groza doesn’t have too much recoil or too low recoil, it’s kinda in between or perfectly balanced, I would say Groza’s recoil is not too hard to control or too easy to control, it requires some practising and then your good to go.

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Anyway, do you know that crouching will reduce your recoil while spraying?

Well, I tested that and now comparing side by side, if you look at Groza and Mk14, it only got reduced by around 10-15%, while the MG3’s recoil got reduced by almost 50%. Literally crouching will reduce half of your recoil with MG3, that’s the LMG advantage you get with MG3.

This is why crouching and spraying is an extremely important skills to learn in this game. But still, 10-15% recoil reduction while crouching is also really useful, it’s like using an extra compensator to your gun.

Bullet Velocity

Now moving on to the bullet velocity, I think the Mk14 and MG3 have a similar or identical bullet velocity and that is around 850 m/s while the Groza has a slightly lower bullet velocity around 715 m/s or the same as an AKM’s bullet velocity.


Now to the final conclusion on Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza which weapon is the best, it’s really hard to say which gun is the best because every weapon has its pros and cons. So let’s go through them:


Starting with Mk14’s Pro’s, it’s the strongest weapon in this game or basically, it has the highest damage output, and that is it, I guess. Now the Cons, are very high recoil extremely difficult to handle this gun, low magazine size so you can’t fight against more than 1 enemy at the same time, and must have an extended magazine for Mk14.


Moving on to the MG3’s Pro’s, very low recoil easy to control this weapon. If you use crouch, recoil will be even easier to handle, and if you go prone, you will literally get zero recoils. It may not have high damage, but it can make up for it by firing so fast, faster than MP5k I guess.

So overall this weapon can do almost the same damage as an Mk14 by shooting faster. And now to the cons, I don’t think this weapon has any cons unless PUBG/BGMI adds some in the next update. But if you have any cons with this weapon let me know in the comments. I guess maybe reloading might be a con but can’t complain since it’s an LMG, it should have a high reloading time.


Anyway moving on to the Groza’s Pro’s, it’s actually the most powerful assault rifle in this game, it deals high damage, has decent recoil, and very reliable weapon.

And now to the Cons, everything about Groza is perfectly balanced. but if it can accept a muzzle attachment like a compensator or any grip attachment it would be way better, and finding that suppressor is kind-a hard, I wish they put an inbuilt suppressor like VSS, it would be a stealthy weapon.

So which one is the best?

In the comparison of Mk14 vs MG3 vs Groza, I would say Mk14 and MG3 both are very close in terms of being the most powerful weapon. I think MG3 is actually better because it does everything Mk14 does, sometimes better, it can do almost the same damage as an MK14 while maintaining low recoil, even noobs can control MG3’s recoil.

Q.1 Which gun is better than Groza in Pubg/BGMI?

Both Mk14 and MG3 are powerful weapons in Pubg Mobile in comparison to Groza and the reason for their superiority is the damage of these guns which pushes Groza back in this matter.

Q.2 Is Mk14 better than Groza in Pubg/BGMI?

Well, my answer is yes as Mk14 has damage 61 and Groza has 48 damage, so Mk14 is better than Groza in terms of damage. So whenever you take a fight, Mk14 will do 671 damage in a second (DPS) while Groza will do 600 damage in a second.

Q.3 Which Pubg/BGMI gun has the most damage?

Mk14 is at the fore in this case (except Snipper) because the damage of Mk14 is 61 while that of Groza is 48.

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