Pubg Weapon Guide: M416

Today, I am going to talk about M416. Its strength and weakness and the best attachments to go with it. The M416 has two settings single fire rate and full auto. It boasts the highest rate of fire of all 5.56mm AR with a long range. The initial capacity is 30 rounds or 40 with an extended magazine.


  • It’s stable and has low recoil that makes it easier to control than the AKM without attachments.
  • It also has a high firing rate and it’s very versatile.
  • It’s a very versatile gun.


  • It has a lot of attachments which makes it harder to have a full loadout.
  • Its stats are also pretty mediocre without attachment.

Now that we have looked at the strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at how to outfit your M416 with the best attachments.


Stock: Tactical Stock

Tactical Stock is a necessary for the M416 to make a tighter spray.

Magazine: Extended Quickdraw Mag

Pick the best and fastest reload mag available. Otherwise, an extended mag will do for the interim. The initial capacity is 30 rounds or 40 with an extended magazine.

Muzzle & Grip

Muzzle and grip are the two areas where most people agonize over. If you are fighting on a foggy day I recommend the flash hider for your muzzle attachment which allows you to score kills without being noticed.

In other situations, I prefer the compensator or suppressor in the current version. The ballistics of a plain M416 has relatively great vertical and horizontal recoil, so compensator and vertical foregrip are recommended.

The light grip would be my preferred choice of grip, it greatly improves recoil, recovery and stability. while the angled foregrip is especially useful for fighting moving vehicles.


The M416 can handle combat at different ranges choose a scope according to the situation. If you are fighting in the close-range use the red dot. For mid-range and long-range you can use 3x, 4x and 6x.

Aiming Sight

The M416 has a very good trapeze iron sight to observe enemy movement at any time during a battle. However, the crosshair is small making targeting difficult.


Without attachments, shots from the M416 have a big vertical drop in trajectory with a noticeable horizontal bend and average ballistic stability.


As mentioned before, M416 has the advantages of a fast firing rate, good stability, excellent range, etc. However, the high performance of the M416 depends on attachments. When you have fewer attachments in the early phases of a match, choose another AR.

But if you have enough attachments , the M416 is one of the best AR in the game.

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