Pubg Weapon Guide: M762

Today, I am going to talk about M762. Using 7.62mm, the M762 has 3 settings; single fire, 3 shot burst, and full-auto. The initial capacity is 30 rounds or 40 with an extended magazine.


Muzzle & Grip, Compensator, Vertical foregrip:
The ballistics of a plain M762 have relatively great vertical and horizontal recoil, so compensator and vertical foregrip are recommended.
After equipping attachments like the Muzzle, Compensator or Vertical foregrip, the horizontal recoil and vertical recoil were significantly reduced, but the vertical recoil is still somewhat large, and need better recoil control skills. Comparing a single shot using the 6x scope to a triple short burst, the single fire is very accurate at long range.

Magazine: Extended Quickdraw Mag

Pick the best and fastest reload magazine available. Otherwise, an extended magazine will do for the interim.


The M762 can handle combat at difference ranges, choose a scope according to the situation.

Aiming Sight

The M762 has a trapeze iron sight to observe enemy movement at any time in a battle. However, it is small, making the target lock difficult.


Without attachments, shots from the M762 have a big vertical drop in trajectory with a noticeable horizontal bend and average ballistic stability.


The M762 produces great firepower in the close and mid-range with good accuracy at long range. However, the high recoil for burst makes it a recommendation only for expert players.

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