BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: New Sea Ports, Fuel Stations, Bicycle Shed

Welcome guys in this article we will be talking about the BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update. There are a lot of new things and features added to this game, so we will tell you everything one by one.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide

Although updates of Pubg and BGMI keep coming very often, this time 2.2 update comes with great features.

  • New Sea Ports
  • Fuel Stations
  • Vehicle’s Trunk (Storage)
  • Bicycle Shed
  • Hospital Building
  • Mylta Power Plant
  • Flash Shop
  • Supply Crates
  • New Nusa Map
  • Weapon Changes

Fuel Stations

In BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update one of my favourite ones is that Fuel Stations or Gas Stations will actually work. Now, if you are low on fuel just make a stop at a gas station to refuel your vehicle to the maximum amount and this doesn’t come for free.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: Gas Stations
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

So you need to pay one shop token to refuel. I hope they don’t increase the price and refilling time depends on how empty is your fuel.

New Sea Ports

And there are three new seaports on an Erangel map in BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update.

  • Ferry Pier
  • Farm
  • Sosnovka Island

The first seaport is on the Ferry Pier and the second one is right below the Farm which is actually visible on the map. And the last one is on Sosnovka Island right behind the Military Base.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: New Sea Ports
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

These seaports contain pretty decent loot, depending on your luck of course. But most importantly they have boats in case of bridge camping you can always come to these ports to cross the bridge via boats.

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Vehicle’s Trunk (Storage)

And now vehicle trunks can be used as storage for your extra loot. Open your bag while sitting in a car and you will get this new trunk option where you can store all your extra loot or pass it to your teammates. This is a really cool feature.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: Vehicle's Trunk
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Bicycle Shed

There is a new bicycle shed is added in BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update where you can pick up bicycles. This shed is located above the Stalber and there will be more bicycle shed locations but this is all I could find.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: Bicycle Shed
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Hospital Building

And the hospital building is now destroyed I think there are like three holes and broken walls.

Mylta Power Plant

Also, Mylta Power’s main building structures are changed a little bit.

Flash Shop

They have added a new flash shop. This pops up randomly in your game where you can buy discounted items from the shop.

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Supply Crates

And there will be these new supply crates that will spawn inside buildings which can either contain health items or shop tokens or weapons.

Weapon Changes

But, first, let’s look at the weapon changes. So Mini 14, SKS, Aug A3 and MK14 are the following weapons which are changed slightly in BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: Weapons Changes
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Mini 14

So starting with the Mini 14 its recoil has been improved significantly. It should be easier to handle this weapon while firing rapidly and the damage is increased from 46 to 49.

However, in my testing, the damage actually increased from 46 to almost 54 that’s approximately a 17% damage increase. So now Mini 14 does more damage than the old SKS.

WeaponOld DamageNew Damage
Mini 144654
Mini 14 Changes
  • Reduced Horizontal recoil multiplier slightly to reduce the chance of moving.
  • Reduced the overall recoil growth when firing continuously.
  • Increase the base damage from 46 to 49.
  • Increase the damage multiplier of torso shots from 1 to 1.05.


The SKS also improved slightly and the damage increased from 53 to 55. However, in my testing it went from 53 to 57.7 for the chest damage and its recoil has been improved.

The recoils of single shots are slightly reduced and the crosshair becomes stable quicker and increased recoil, recovery, speed and reduced screen shake while firing with a scope basically, SKS’s recoil is easier to handle now.

Note: However, I will try to write a new article on these two DMRs to see how well they handle currently.

SKS Changes
  • Slightly reduced the recoil duration of single shots, so that the crosshair returns quickly.
  • Increased recoil recovery speed, so that the crosshair is closer to the firing direction upon returning, increasing the predictability of the crosshair return position.
  • Reduced screen shakes when firing with a scope.
  • Increase the base damage from 53 to 55.
  • Increase the damage multiplier of shots against the torso from 1 to 1.05.

Aug A3

And now the airdrop weapons Aug A3’s damage is now increased from 41 to almost 43 that’s like a 5% increase in damage. But also its firing rate, and firing speed also increased.

So now the Aug shoots 13% faster than before which is really good for Aug A3 since it’s supposed to be better than M416 or Scar-l and also the reloading speed is reduced. So now all reloads faster.


Now the MK-14 the biggest nerf is that they have slightly reduced the firing rate, so now it may shoot slightly slower. However, they have increased the bullet travel speed, also known as bullet velocity which means less damage drop off a distance.

And they mentioned MK 14’s recoil has been slightly reduced. I don’t have any comparisons or numbers for now but I will keep you updated.

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Nusa Map

And lastly, there is this new map Nusa the smallest map in the game it’s just one kilometre into one kilometre. It’s small and compact but currently, this map is locked for now.

BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide: Nusa Map
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Note: So I will be writing a separate article for the new Nusa map and everything about it which will be coming soon so make sure to check that out.


Anyway, that’s all I got for the BGMI & PUBG 2.2 Update Guide. I hope you learned something new if you did hit the like button and subscribe to our newsletter for more upcoming articles.

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