SCAR-L Guide/Tutorial (PUBG MOBILE/BGMI)

    Today, we will be taking a look at the Scar-L and why, should you use the Scar-L. What exactly is its purpose in this game?

    I know most of you would say, Scar-L is a temporary weapon, you use it until you find an M416. But trust me, Scar-L is not bad as you think it is. Basically, Scar-L can do everything that M416 can do. Since it has the same damage as an M416 and the rate of fire or the firing speed is also identical between Scar-L and M416. And the bullet velocity is also pretty much identical as well.

    Why do people prefer using M416 over the Scar-L?

    Well, the only problem with the Scar-L is its recoil. Unlike the M416, Scar-L recoil is very unstable, it goes horizontally way more often, making you miss your critical important shots, or messing up your spray completely.

    Spray Patterns

    Let’s take a closer look into these two spray patterns, they kind-a look similar. I mean it’s obvious that Scar-L has more horizontal recoil than the M416 even while using the best attachments. The difference is still the same, Scar-L has more horizontal recoil, but the difference may look smaller here. However, when doing a side by side spray comparison you can feel it, if you observe carefully you can see that Scar-L shakes a lot while shooting.

    Spray Pattern

    Downside for the Scar-L

    This is a huge downside for the Scar-L, and controlling recoil with Scar-L will be slightly harder as compared to the m416. Other than that, Scar-L does exactly the same amount of damage as an M416. So Scar-L is basically like M416 but a bit harder to use.

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    Scar-L has better hip-fire than M416

    There are some rumours that say Scar-L has better hip-fire than M416. Well, it’s actually not true, both the Scar-L and M416 have the same hip-fire accuracy. However, it’s totally random sometimes Scar-L’s hip-fire could do better sometimes M416’s it depends on your luck and your skills.

    But I think M416 technically has slightly better hip-fire spread or hip-fire recoil because the hip-fire spread is based on the recoil of the weapon. Since M416 has better recoil control, I would say M416’s hip-fire would be slightly better than the Scar-L.

    My Opinion about Scar-L hip-fire

    Again by the way this is just my opinion, it could be totally random or the same. But I’m damn sure that Scar-L hip-fire is not any better than M416’s hip-fire according to my experience.

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    Best Grip for Scar-L

    I know a lot of you would ask me, which is the best grip for Scar-L. Well I tested the spray patterns for each grip and comparing side by side. So you could see the difference by yourself. However, I would recommend these 3 grips for Scar-L vertical, angled and half grip, these 3 grips will provide you with the best recoil reduction.

    Best grip for Scar-L

    However, I would recommend using an angled grip since it reduces the horizontal recoil by the most and Scar-L has a bad track record of horizontal shakes. And if your hip-fire sucks you could use laser sight as it improves your hip-fire, but sadly it doesn’t affect the recoil at all.

    How to use the Scar-L

    So how to use the Scar-L, well you use the Scar-L exactly in the same way you use an M416. As I said Scar-L is just like an M416, but with hardcore mode.

    So is it worth using Scar-L over the M416 ?

    Obviously No, M416 is more reliable and easy to use. But I would highly recommend you to learn how to use the Scar-L because you can’t find M416 in every single match, so sometimes you have to use Scar-L, that’s why I recommend practising the Scar-L’s recoil controlling.

    So when practising in TDM, instead of M416 use Scar-L, also in training grounds, use Scar-L for spraying. If you know how to control Scar-L’s recoil it would make the M416’s recoil way too easy to handle. So Scar-L is not bad as you think, but it’s not better than M416.

    Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog, I hope you learned something new if you did allow our push notification for more upcoming blog like this, see you guys in the next one.

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