Confused between Studies & Gaming?

Many students are getting confused between gaming and studies. So we thought why not give you our perspective on this topic. In this article, you’ll get to see our viewpoints and our efforts as always are to help you make your own decisions.


Let’s talk about academics before coming to gaming. I know we all have one thing in common in our lives. We are all evaluated on our academic performance from the age of 3 till 21. You’re brilliant if you’re the class topper. If you’re struggling or just about passing then you’re given labels such as “average” or “failure”. Even if you’re great at other things outside of academics. Be it arts or music or sports or even gaming. That tag of a failure never leaves you. All these are time-waste.

We keep hearing this from everyone else Studies or Gaming?

If you had asked my parents, they would have had only one answer

“Their son is wasting his time and gaming is only a time-pass activity”. But maybe today that answer will be different.

Gaming can improve your studies?!

Wow! Ever thought of this? Have you ever noticed that your life’s first academic lesson you received through fun and games?!

Be it those ABCD toys or social skill-building games. You start your academic journey with toys and games themselves. Then as time passes, this divide keeps increasing.

Have you heard the saying,

“Padoge likhoge banoge nawab… kheloge kudoge, banoge kharab”?

People kept telling you to study, Don’t pay attention to sports or games. These proverbs were built because boomers and the older generation believed in them. And till today people believe in it.

But outside of India, the gap between gaming and studies has reduced a lot. There are many institutions that teach you new languages through games Be it English or programming. You can learn a lot while playing. There are many institutions that teach you how to build games.

In fact, Esports management has become a subject today which is taught in universities. Along with playing your games, you could rank well in these subjects too. Let’s take a look at the updates from the world of esports before continuing the main story.

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Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC)

Teams grind a lot in VCC. But now it’s time to represent the country and the teams are ready for it.

  • VLT and Global Esports from India.
  • Team Salt and Team Exploit from Pakistan.
  • Crash Landin on You from Sri Lanka and Maldives.
  • Damaru Gaming from Nepal and Bhutan.

But Wildcard was the final opportunity for teams to reach VCC. The finals for that was amazing! Both teams in the finals were from India EsportsXO on one side and Enigma Gaming on the other. It was an epic battle between these two teams. It was a neck and neck battle which stretched all 5 maps. But in the end, Enigma Gaming took the victory.

The grand final has been completed from 27th August to 29th August. The winner of VCC is Global Esports ($16,500).

Logitech Pro Showdown

Along with Casters, streamers also entertained us a lot this week. We got to see teams of SkRossi, Psy, HydraFlick, and TBone in the Logitech Pro Showdown Who fought hard to win the championship. This is good… study and choose a regular profession or come to the field of gaming and esports. There is no lack of opportunities in today’s day and age.

Skyesports Championship 3.0

Confused between Studies & Gaming?

Skyesports Championship 3.0 is providing a similar opportunity where Valorant’s prize pool is 22 lakhs & BGMI prize pool is 25 lakhs. So start grinding and putting in the work because the dreams you are seeing, only you can make them a reality. In BGMI tournament Godlike Esports put up a brilliant performance in the finals and took home 12 lakh rupees. Congratulations to 7Sea Esports & 8 Bit who put up a fantastic performance in the finals.

Esports in Academic Institutions

Today even schools and colleges are hosting Esport events IIT, BITS Pilani, these big colleges are hosting their own clubs and events for Esports. Global Esports had done a similar event with the Sanjivani Group of Institutes. Last year when the lockdown was announced students were able to rid their boredom at home. They were able to connect with their friends and engage in a fun activity.

Want to know about education and gaming?

Harrisburg University is considered one of the finest institutes to study Esports. Do you want to study at Harrisburg University? Yes, from the age of 3 till 21 we are admitted to these institutions to learn things like public speaking, programming, editing and designing. All these are useful in every field as well as in Gaming. If you like public speaking, then you can get into casting. If you like programming, then you can go for game development.

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Free Fire Esports Updates

Free Fire City Open

The country’s top teams participated in this event but Hydrabad Nawabs put up a brilliant performance in the finals and took home 15 lakh rupees. Congratulations to Blind Esports who put up a fantastic performance in the finals. Garena announced the teaser for Free Fire India Championship Fall 2021. And from the teaser we found out that the FFC registrations have already begun and Free Fire’s India Championship Prize Pool is 75 lakh rupees.

Confused between Studies & Gaming?

Other than this, Esports Premier League’s Level 3 has started. And Total Gaming, TSM FTX, 4Unknown, Badge99 like teams are ready to represent their cities. Just like any other event, before this tournament, we got to see multiple roster changes. One of them is Abhay who has transferred from AFF Esports to Blind Esports.

Organisation system is so fascinating! To manage these teams, orgs hire managers, analysts, coaches. Schools even have degrees/ diplomas/ and other courses for these. There are many such opportunities that have opened up in the world of gaming today which you can learn as a subject.

How Games Can Help Your Studies

There is one more thing which although is not taught as a subject in school, you do get to learn it often Didn’t get it? Okay, I’ll give you one more hint. If you learn this, then no matter what your career option is, you will perform brilliantly in it. I mean, discipline! I believe that playing games for a student and for a gamer to study are both equally important.

After a day of studying and listening to long lectures, gaming is a good way to keep your mentality fresh. The teamwork of a student improves a lot after playing games. On completing missions and targets in the games, students get motivation. They get a positive stubbornness which becomes a great tool in fulfilling their academic goals.

Similarly, for a hardcore gamer, studies are very important. A good student can become a good gamer. If you’re a good student, then your time management, your discipline, your motivation everything will be on point. You need all these in your gaming journey. If a gamer is disciplined, consistent with his grind and keeps moving forward with his goal in mind then he will definitely see results.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Thug Invitational

This week in the Thug Invitational, not only did 8Bit take 3 back to back chicken dinners but won the whole tournament! The second spot goes to Coming Soon and third place is secured by Team IYD.

Confused between Studies & Gaming?

BGMI Freedom Face-Off

Confused between Studies & Gaming?

Krafton aside from hinting to release BGMI on iOS, they are brought a new event as well Independence Day Special Freedom Face-Off. Where a team of 16 influencers played, an event of 2 matches, and 2 amazing fun segments. Honestly, I had a lot of fun casting the fun segments., After all, Team Encore not only did they win both matches, they even won the pan fight as well the Second position goes to Team Sc0ut, Third place goes to Team Tapatap, as in, Team Jonathan.

Confused between Studies & Gaming?

So don’t say now, “How do I make a career in Esports after leaving studies?” But yeah, do comment below about what you’re learning now and how you plan to use it in your gaming career.

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