PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Nusa Map

Welcome guys, In this article we will be talking about the new map Nusa. This is the smallest map in Pubg Mobile. For Example, Erangle is an 8*8km Island while ‘Nusa’ is just a 1*1 Island. It’s eight times smaller in size just to show you how small it is.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Nusa Map

If you want to go from one side of the map to the other side it only took around 3 minutes to reach the other end. It’s really small you don’t even need vehicles on the map. If you want to use the Fast Landing method on this map. You need to jump at around 375 meters from your marker and use the Fast Landing method.

New Vehicle: Quad

Also, there is a new exclusive vehicle, the ‘Quad’ a four-wheel motorbike, specifically designed for the Nusa map’s, uneven landscape. It can climb up hills with ease plus it’s very quick.

Nusa Map: Quad
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

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New Weapons in Nusa Map

There are two new exclusive weapons on this map, NS2000 a shotgun and a Tactical Crossbow.

NS2000 Shotgun

An NS2000 Shotgun is a very interesting shotgun because it can work just like any shotgun as it shoots nine shotgun pellets. But if you open the scope and find fire it shoots only one bullet like a sniper. You can one-shot kill a level 3 helmet while scoped in.

Nusa Map: NS2000
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

However, this is only in close range because as soon as you cross that 10 meters mark you lose that one-shot kill headshot ability.

Here’s the damage for this new shotgun hip firing and scope firing shots deal different amounts of damage.

Tactical Crossbow

Now about the Tactical Crossbow, it’s the same as the old crossbow but now it can equip flame bolts as well as the normal bolts. With flame bolts, it does up to 20% more damage to the Flames.

But if you fire these flame bolts on Wooden Huts, it can set them on fire as well as destroy them completely. You can burn down the entire flame Village except for one main house. I’m sure you are wondering what happens to the players inside the burning houses. Well, they will slowly start dying due to flame damage.

By the way, if you get killed too early and you happen to have a helicopter symbol with one number on your name tag, you will respond back as long as your team is alive in the Battlegrounds. And this quick respawn period will only last three minutes after landing.

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Nusa Map Locations

Now let’s talk about the map, so there are 11 locations and I will show you the best places.

Nusa Map: All Locations
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Telepak Town

Starting with the Telepathic Town (Telepak Town) the biggest city on the map. It has a lot of buildings, including a seven-story apartment building that contains a working elevator, which is just crazy because we have never seen an elevator in the Pubg mobile and on the seventh floor you will find Mecha soldiers.

They are basically Bots with really good loot. I got to level 3 armour from them almost every time.


And our next best location is Shipyard. Here you will find ships, containers and some warehouses. The Shipyard is compact in every possible way so it’s gonna be chaos over here.

Nusa Map: Shipyard
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

And if you like containers Shipyard is the place for you. I’m very sure either Shipyard or Telepathic Town will be hot drops on the Nusa map.


And now the Cavern you may notice that there are no houses or buildings until you look down on this giant hole. You will find an underground secret cave with a submarine, containers and warehouses.

This place has really good loot because not many players will show up here since there are only three ways to get inside first is obviously from the top hole and the second is from the water. And the last one is a secret tunnel that you have to use in order to exit from this underground cave.

Bulin Bay

Next to the Cavern, you will find Bulin Bay. This is a beach with a couple of houses. Maybe be enough loot for a single Squad, since there are only a few houses. But this place is surrounded by two big hills on each side, so it’s kinda risky to stay here.

Science Center

Moving on to the Science Center, this building kinda reminds me of a School Building from an Erangle. But this place doesn’t have a lot of covers. You’ll get shots from every direction.

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Sunset Street and Regal Resort

Now, the Sunset Street and Regal Resort, are small towns with enough loot for maybe two squads. It has swimming pools which can give you a boost.

Crystal Bay

Now Crystal Bay it’s a small island, but there is a hidden secret cave. You need a secret key to open this door, which you can find it easily by looting this place. I got from this crate almost every time. Once you open the gate, you will find three crates which give really good loot, but not enough for a full Squad.

Flame Village

And now the Flame Village, which is in the middle of the map. But be careful your house can burn down.

Pink Beach

And now to the Pink Beach, this place has the lowest loot.

Love Island

But next to Pink Beach, you will find Love Island, which also doesn’t have a lot of loot. It’s just a place to hang out.

Nusa Map: Love Island
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

Ferris Wheel

And there is a Ferris wheel. This map is packed with Zip Lines everywhere. You can use them to travel or if you spot someone using zip lines, you can break the zip lines. Your enemy will fall down. So beware that if zip lines are broken you can repair them.


Anyway, that’s all I got for this article. I hope you learned something new if you did hit the like button and subscribe to our newsletters for more upcoming articles.

Q.1 What is the size of the Nusa Map in Pubg?

Erangle is an 8*8km Island while ‘Nusa’ is just a 1*1 Island. It’s eight times smaller in size just to show you how small it is.

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