Ranbhoomi Season 1 | Battleground Mobile India

The Ranbhoomi is a new mobile esports tournament that will be the first-ever such competition in India and will be organized by Upthrust Esports with the help of LOCO. The aim of this event is to provide a platform for mobile gamers from all over the country to compete against each other and uplift their skills.

About the tournament

The first season of the Ranbhoomi mobile gaming tournament is an online mobile gaming tournament where mobile gamers will play their favorite mobile game Battleground Mobile India and compete with other players. The Ranbhoomi tournament is a unique collaborative effort between LOCO and Upthrust Esports. They aim to take the Indian Mobile Esports event to new heights.

With this project, they hope to bridge the gap between gamers of India and their parents, as well as bring out fresh talent from all corners of India. The Upthrust Esports team had been working on this project for over a year now, with the ultimate goal of hosting a national level esports tournament in India.

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The Hindi Commentators of Ranbhoomi Season 1 are:-

India RA1 (Vipul Kumar)
India Gamezo Tech (Subodh Panwar)
India NekRoz (Sneherdra Srimany)

Prize Pool

The Ranbhoomi is a mobile gaming tournament with a prize pool of 1,000,000 INR. It is being organized by Upthrust esports in association with LOCO.

Top Fragger (Semi-Final+Final)₹20,000
Top Fragger #1 (Finals)₹20,000
Top Fragger #2 (Finals)₹10,000


The first season of “Ranbhoomi” was held from 7 to 26 October 2021. There were multiple rounds played in order to qualify for the finals that were held from 21 to 27 October 2021. This event was free for all players to join and play.


Ranbhoomi is India’s one of the largest prize pool online tournaments.


This tournament will be held in India.


Loco has officially sponsored this tournament organized by Upthrust.

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Qualified Teams

S.NoTeam NamePlayer Name
1Godlike EsportsJonathan, Zgod, Neyoo, Clutchgod, Ghatak, Spower
2Esports EmpireFraggerOP, Shayne, DreamOP, BadshahOP, Kevin
3Team XOImmortal, Punkk, Clowny, Sensei, CyrusYT
4F1LS EsportsSmxkie, Vampire, Savitar, Ignite, Artemis
57Sea EsportsPrince, Sarang, Aladin, Spraygod
6Team INDSnax, Slayer, Daljitsk, Trance, Attanki, Kratos
7Skylightz GamingGamlaBoy, Pukar, Ronak, Saumraj
8Chemin EsportsOmega, Akshat, Viru, Mighty
9Rivalry EsportsSonic, Akshay, FinalBoss, DeltaPG
10OR EsportsVexe, Destro, Aditya, Anto, Evoo
11OrangutanAsh, Believe, Drigger, Fiction, AK
12TSMNinja, Shadow, AquaNox, Blaze
13Marcos GamingRonak, Surya, Gyrogod, Wizzgod, Madman
14Team InsaneNeyo, Goblin, Deep, Aadi, Stoney
15Team TamilasCarryOP, MantyOP, FoxOP, Striker, EvilSurya
16Elite SquadRaiden, Godwin, Simple, Parmar
17Growing StrongLuffy, Azii, ZoroOG, DeathOP
188 BitBeg4Mercy, Tsunami, Juicy, Jazzy, Humanoid

Points Distribution

Finish Points = 1 per finish


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Finals Overall Standings Day 1 to Day 6:

1.Godlike Esports303144194338
2.Esports Empire30416599264
3.Chemin Esports303133125258
6.Team IND302120108228
7.Growing Strong30113097227
8.Team Insane30286137223
9.Skylightz Gaming30189118207
10.Marcos Gaming302100105205
11.Team XO30212277199
13.F1LS Esports3019591186
14.Elite Squad3028690176
15.Team Tamilas3017782159
16.7Sea Esports3006688154
17.Rivalry Esports3015763120
18.OR Esports300465298

Ranbhoomi Season 1

Winner – Godlike Esports (₹5,00,000)

Congratulations, It’s #TeamGodlike again who are the champions of Ranbhoomi Season 1. After 6 days battle, Team Godlike comes out victorious with 338 points to lift the trophy.

Ranbhoomi Season 1 | Battleground Mobile India

Runner-Up – Esports Empire (₹2,50,000)

Esports Empire after a big tough battle and great performance they have settled down for runner up spot with 264 points.

Ranbhoomi Season 1 | Battleground Mobile India

MVP of the Tournament –  Jonathan(₹20,000)

Jonathan proves it again! With 75 kills, he stands out as the MVP of Ranbhoomi Season 1! #Congratulations Jonathan!

Ranbhoomi Season 1 | Battleground Mobile India

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Prize Distribution of Ranbhoomi Season 1

Total Prizepool – ₹1,000,000

Top Fragger in Semi-Finals + Grand Finals – Jonathan (₹20,000)

Top Fragger in Finals #1 – Jonathan (₹20,000)

Top Fragger in Finals #2 – Neyoo (₹20,000)

PositionTeam NamePrize (₹)
1Godlike Esports ₹ 5,00,000
2Esports Empire ₹ 2,50,000
3Chemin Esports ₹ 1,25,000
4Orangutan ₹ 50,000
58Bit ₹ 25,000


The Ranbhoomi will be streamed live on Upthrust Youtube channel and Loco by some of India’s top broadcasters.

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