Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

Skyesports is a Chennai based gaming venture and esports org, which conducts a type of events in India at regular intervals. The firm is controlled and managed by Shiva Nandy, the CEO of Skyesports.

Skyesports have recently announced their roadmap for the year 2022 with exciting events including a Lan event for BGMI in a total of 7 events that will be held in 2022. All of the important IPs will be making a comeback during this year with more grandeur.

There is a highly noticeable growth in the gaming sector in the Indian esports industry and Skyesports is one of the names which is playing a vital role in promoting esports on a large scale.

Recently, Skyesports Grand Slam reached 10 million gamers and had a viewership of 65 million in just 20 months.

Skyesports Grand Slam 2022

The event was broadcasted on Youtube and Loco presented by AMD, half matches were telecasted on Youtube and remained on the Loco. Being a Giant in the Indian esports scene, Skyesports announced various tournaments all year round with massive prize rewards.

The tournaments generally focus on popular games which have emerged during 2-3 years of span.

Skyesports Grand Slam was open for all tournaments, which will showcase battles between T1 teams and upcoming underdogs. It was held in February and March. Players or we can say the upcoming underdogs were selected through the qualifiers by the registration process of each team, which began from 15th January 2022 on the official portal of the Skyesports.

Slots for Invited Teams

The top 6 teams were given slots for the direct finals on the basis of their past performance in Skyesports tournaments. Two teams were invited from the top tier of Skyesports Grand Slam season Skyesports Mobile open and Skyesports Championship 3.0.

Top teams from Skyesports Mobile Open

  • TSM
  • Chemin Esports

Top teams from Skyesports Grand Slam Season 1

  • Velocity Gaming
  • Soul Esports

Top teams from Skyesports Championship 3.0

  • Godlike Esports
  • 7Sea Esports

Qualified Teams in Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2
Image Source via Skyesports

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Prize-Pool in Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

Accelerating the year with a splash, Skyesports recently conducted the Skyesports Grand Slam which has a prize of ₹30,00,000 INR combining two of the giants and gaming titlers: BGMI ( Battlegrounds Mobile India) and Valorant for Mobile and PC gamers respectively.

The prize pool of Skyesports Grand Slam in the BGMI event is ₹15,00,000 INR.

  • Total Prizepool –  ₹15,00,000 INR
  • MVP of Tournament –  ₹1,00,000 INR
  • 1st Position –  ₹8,00,000 INR
  • 2nd Position –  ₹3,00,000 INR
  • 3rd Position –  ₹1,50,000 INR
  • 4th Position –  ₹50,000 INR
  • 5th Position –  ₹25,000 INR
  • 6th Position –  ₹25,000 INR

Overall Standings in Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

1Team Xo425290154444
2Team Soul426228188416
3Skylightz Gaming425226161387
4Celsius Esports426231131362
6Team 8Bit421181164345
7Godlike Esports423146196342
8Enigma Gaming422179149328
9Entity Gaming421127168295
10Team Forever422150140290
12Chemin Esports420122152274
13Team Mayavi422127121248
14Team Nugget421111116227
157Sea Esports423107117224
16Velocity Gaming4207887165

Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022


Team XO conquered the battle, the kings who ruled for 7 day long tournaments of Skyesports BGMI grand slam 2022. The victory was a pure result of the unreal and phenomenal consistency shown by Team XO. The overall points collected by the team is 444 points, XO managed to take 5 chicken dinners in their name.

Team XO
Image Source via Skyesports

The combined efforts of Sensei, Snax, Punk and Fierce brought them the crown. Sensei had great potential as an IGL and he showed it. Currently, he is considered one of the best and most mature IGL ( in-game leaders) of India. Sensei played a vital role in team XO’s victory, his excellent decision making and in-game rotation with smart play.

Team XO
Image Source via Skyesports

Snax is well known for his DP sprays and burst, mainly used in long-range fights. Punk and Fierce great assaulters and close range beast of IGC. The combined efforts with the skills of individual players resulted in victory for Team XO. The kind of performance XO have displayed in BGIS and Skyesports has made them very popular. Surely they have gathered a good amount of fans for the organization.


Another team that impressed me the most was Team Soul. Everybody knows how big a fan base of Soul is. The crowd almost went crazy with the performance of Team Soul, who managed to get 2nd Position by securing second place with 416 points. Team players Akshat, Omega, Goblin and Soul player 3 the undisclosed member of team soul performed tremendously.

Team Soul
Image Source via Skyesports

2nd Runner-Up

Skylights Gaming the winners of BGIS 2021, the team is known for their consistency put on an incredible show by making comeback in the last matches of the tournament and grabbing 3rd position in the points table.

Skylightz Gaming
Image Source via Skyesports

4th Position

Even one of the underdog teams Celsius Esports took the 4th spot. At the starting days of the tournament, Celsius was one of the contenders of winning but they failed to build that consistency, the kind of XO showed. But they have been really good with the gameplay and the aggressiveness. They have impressed the fans for sure.

5th Position

TSM’s new roster is also known for its consistency with aggressive gameplay when required. They weren’t able to put on a great show in the starting phase of the tournament but managed to take the good placement and kill points in the remaining half of the tournament. TSM managed to secure the most kill points in the game over any team.

MVP of the Tournament – Jonathan

Every BGMI fan knows the calibre of Jonathan in taking frags, there’s no surprise he was entitled as the MVP of the tournament with 69 kills in his pocket but the irony is TSM Aquanox scored 67 kills and put a commendable show on the screen. We can say the throne for MVP was equally shared by Aquanax and Jonathan.

Image Source via Skyesports

Darshako Ke Support Ki Wajah Se He Humlog Yaha Par Hain. You guys are everything for me & my team. Love you all.

Godlike Jonathan
Image Source via Skyesports

Jonathan has been known for his consistency in taking frags and almost being in the topmost position in taking frags in 90% of tournaments. It is really hard to match the level of Jonathan.

Aquanox is also an upcoming star well known for his Four fingers claw.

Prize Distribution in Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

  • Total Prize-Pool – ₹15,00,000
  • MVP – Jonathan (₹1,00,000)
  • Most Finishes By a Team – TSM (₹50,000)
Money (₹)
1Team XO₹8,00,000
2Team Soul₹3,00,000
3Skylightz Gaming₹1,50,000
4Celsius Esports₹50,000
  1. Team XO is awarded with the prize reward of ₹8 Lakh.
  2. Team Soul, runner ups of tournaments, was awarded with ₹3 Lakh INR.
  3. Skylights Gaming, second runner ups was awarded with ₹1.5 Lakh INR.
  4. Celsius Esports, the underdogs grabbed ₹25000 INR securing 4th position.
  5. TSM secured 5th place by making a comeback in the last days and took ₹25000 INR.


It has been a great tournament. This tournament made certain viewership records as well. Soon Skyesports is going to bring more tournaments and particularly a Lan event as well. Stay tuned for more content like this.

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