Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    Oneshot is an organization that organizes and conducts tournaments in Esports. It is associated with the Caribbean Decor which is present in the Battleground Mobile India Invitation tournament termed as Oneshot Showdown. Under Oneshot showdown season 2 organization gives chances to new talents and teams and some are invited to T1 teams. The platform on which the tournament is hosted is BGMI.

    BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India)

    Battleground Mobile India is a newly introduced game for Indian gamers by Krafton. It is a battle royal game that can be played in Solo, Duo & Squad including various types of modes, events and challenges. The game came into existence as Pubg got banned a year ago. To fulfill the need of Pubg mobile India Krafton introduced BGMI which gives an equal gaming experience to Pubg mobile India.

    BGMI supports both android and IOS with professional and exciting graphics as per the specification of the device. Which goes from smooth to 90 FPS till now. The game is user-friendly and provides a stage where an individual can create its own customs controls as per comfortability. Average gameplay in-classic mode goes around 35 minutes along with class modes. Games have shorter formats like Arena warehouse, spinner training, Zombie mode, etc.

    Point Distribution in Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    Placement pointsPoints distribution
    8 to12th position1
    13 to18th position0
    Finish/Kill points1 point per kill

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    Brief for distribution of points in Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    • The team which gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and grabs the first place gets 15 placement points with Finish points as per kills they have secured in the same match.
    • The team which comes second and secures second position gets 12 points with finish points as an add on points.
    • From 3rd to 7th position the team gets 10,8,6,5,2 points respectively. The number of placement points starts to decline as the position gets lower and lower. Team gets equal number of finish points as per kills they have made in the same match whether they have been eliminated first or last.
    • Teams which get eliminated from 8th to 12th position get only 1 point.
    • Teams which are eliminated from 13th to 18th position get 0 placement points.

    Format of Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    The tournament was held from 29th September 2021 to 11th of October 2021 consisting of 3 rounds, Semi-finals, Prelims, and grand finals.

    Round 1

    It began on the 29th of September 2021 with a total of 2200 teams taking part in the event; those 2200 teams were divided into 100 groups to tackle against each other. Every team will get a single match to prove themself. The top 3 teams with the maximum number of points will be qualified for Round 2. Top 300 teams will be given slots to round 2.

    Round 2

    It began on 30th September of 2021 in which 300 teams will be taken from round !. 300 teams will be divided into 15 groups with each team getting a single match to get qualified for the next round. The top 3 teams from every group will get slots for the next round. The top 45 teams will advance to round 3.

    Round 3

    It began on 30th September 2021. All the 45 teams will play in round 3. Each team will be given 2 matches to express their character. The top 3 teams from the same groups will be given a chance in the semi-finals.


    The semi-finals matches were conducted on 1st October 2021. In the semi-finals, a total of 21 teams participated of which 9 teams were qualified and 12 teams were given will card entry. All the teams were subdivided into 3 groups. Each team was given 4 matches in the semi-finals. 5 teams from the top of the table will move to prelims.


    Prelims began from 2nd October to 4th October 2021. A total of 27 teams were given slots for the competition consisting of 5 qualified teams + 21 invited T1 teams + 1 team from the management. All the 28 teams will be divided into 3 groups with 2 groups playing matches against each other one by one. Each team will be given 12 matches. After completion of the prelim round, top 16 teams from the chart will be placed for the grand finals.


    The grand finals began from 6th October to 11th October 2021. All the teams who have been given slots in the grand finals of Oneshot season 2. The group will include 16 qualified teams and 2 fan-favorite teams mostly from the T1 section. 18 teams will play 24 matches in total for six days conducting 4 matches in a day. The team grabbing the foremost(top) position in the chart will be rewarded as Oneshot showdown winners.

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    Prize-Pool in Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    The Oneshot organization has kept a massive prize pool for the tournament of 60,00,000 INR which is been distributed among 9 top teams of the tournament and other prizes are also provided like Top fragger of the tournament and etc. The tournament is divided into two parts of which one is the league stage and the other is the grand finals which consist of the prize pool of 30,00,000 INR.

    After completion of Six days of grand finals conducting 6 matches a day, the trophy got its owner and the winner of Oneshot season 2 in the maps of Miramar and Erangle.

    Overall Standings in Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    PositionTeam NameTotal
    1Team Godlike366185254439
    3Team iNsane362132221353
    57Sea Esports363138183321
    6Marcos Gaming363158121279
    7Rivalry Esports363156114270
    8Celsius Esports362148107255
    9OR Esports361115109224
    10Team Blind363105118223
    11Team XO360109100209
    12Chemin Esports36070138208
    13Team 8Bit36182118200
    14Paws Official3619577172
    15FYD Esports36168103171
    16Reckoning Esports3608187168
    17Team Forever36042121163
    18Skylightz Gaming3615797154
    19Team Soul3605163114
    20Revenant Esports3604956105

    Oneshot Showdown Season 2


    The legendary team and audience favorites Team GODLIKE conquered the table with a total of 439 points of which 254 were just finish points. One can see the amount of aggression the team is carrying, occupying a prize of 14,00,000 INR. #A Big Congratulations to Team Godlike.

    Team Godlike


    TSM secured second place winning a cash reward of 6,00,000 INR. #Congratulations to TSM.



    Jonathan, one of the best assaulters of India got the MVP of the tournament with 93 finish points grabbing a 1,00,000 INR money reward. #A Big Congratulations to Jonathan.


    Prize Distribution of Oneshot Showdown Season 2

    Total Prize Pool – ₹60,00,000

    • Total Prize-Pool for Finals – ₹30,00,000
    • MVP – Jonathan (₹1,00,000)
    PositionTeam NamePrize (₹)
    1stTeam Godlike₹14,00,000
    3rdTeam iNsane₹3,00,000
    5th7Sea Esports₹1,00,000
    6thMarcos Gaming₹1,00,000
    7thRivalry Esports₹1,00,000
    8thCelsius Esports₹50,000
    9thOR Esports₹50,000
    10thTeam Blind
    11thTeam XO
    12thChemin Esports
    13thTeam 8Bit
    14thPaws Official
    15thFYD Esports
    16thReckoning Esports
    17thTeam Forever
    18thSkylightz Gaming


    The Oneshot Showdown Season 2 will be streamed live on the Oneshot Esports channel on Youtube by some of India’s top broadcasters.

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