How to fight in Plain Area

In PUBG mobile plain area is a place that players both love and hate. When driving, because there are fewer obstacles and the terrain is flat everyone likes the plain area very much. But when the poison circle shrinks to the plain area, Players don’t know how to fight because there are fewer bunkers and the vision is relatively wide.

Today, I will talk about how to win in plain area.


How to fight in Plain Area
Cover of Stone

When you are in a plane area, you have a very good view. So you should be good at finding and using every bunker. Such as stones and straw piles. The small shed is a good shelter, which can cover the body from being discovered by the enemy. Even if you injured, you can take medicine or rescue teammates safely. But if there are no bunkers at all, you can explode your vehicle as a bunker.

Keep Quiet

When you fight in the plain area, you had better shoot less. Because of the good vision, enemies can easily locate you with gunfire. At the same time, you can also take advantage of this feature to observe all your enemies location.

Smoke Grenade

How to fight in Plain Area
Use Of Smoke Grenade

If you are found by enemies, it’s hard for you to hide out. You can use smoke grenades in this case, to block your enemies vision to move to a bunker or lie in the grass. So you can attack your enemies in a different direction.

Lie On The Ground

You are easily found by your enemies when you stand and move in a plain area. So if there are no bunkers, you should choose to lie on the ground. But you need to pay attention to your clothes take off the clothes that have very different colours from the ground. You can throw away your pan when you lie in the snow to avoid being found.

How to fight in Plain Area
Frag Grenade

Attention, try not to use a scope when you are lying on the ground. It is difficult to hit the enemies because the scope will be blocked by the grass on the ground. When you hear gunfire by a snake camper but you can’t find out where does it from. Just throw a grenade for an indifferent attacking.

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