How to fight on Hills

Hills Fight
Hills Fight

Let me ask a question first. What is the most popular gun in Pubg mobile? Yes, it is the AWM. So what is the best place to use AWM? Yes, to shoot from the top of the hills.

Today I will talk about how to fight in hills.

Attack on the top of hills

It is very good to snipe the enemy at the top of the hill. But you need to pay attention first, you need to keep a vehicle because when you go down from the top of the hill. You are exposed to all your enemies below, you can go down quickly and safely when driving a vehicle.

How to fight on Hills
Rozhok Hill

You can move to the poison circle faster. Second, beware of enemies sneaking up from the backslope, slope is a blind spot of the hilltop. it’s better to observe the backslope by one of your teammates. or you turn to observe. if you are the only one left you better change a location after shooting a few guns to avoid being attacked by the enemy using vehicles.

Skills for the fight on the hillside

So what you do when you have to fight on the hillside. First, take advantage of a bunker, it’s very easy for players on the top of the hill to attack players below. So you have to use bunkers to observe when you are below.

Second take advantage of backslope, when you make sure that the enemy on the top, have not found out where you are. You can move to the backslope which is the blind spot of the hill. It is hard for enemies to find out. when you move to the top through backslope. observe your enemy after reaching backslope. if you find your enemy is fighting with other players. You can take advantage of this time to attack. if there is no fight at the top of the is likely that the enemy is watching or preparing to move to the safe zone.

At this time, you need to hide out and avoid being found. and prepare for attack enemy walkthrough. In the end, its all upon you, win every time and be a King of Hills.


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