MG3 Light Machine Gun | MG3 vs M249

In today’s article, we talk about the new MG3 Light Machine Gun and compare the MG3 vs M249. BGMI/PUBG just added a brand new weapon into this game, the MG3 is a new light machine gun with a 75-round capacity of 7.62 ammunition.

There is no need to use any attachments on MG3 as it cannot accept any magazines, grips or stock, just put on a scope and your good to go.

Is this MG3 weapon any better?

We will be taking a look at this weapon’s stats such as damage, rate of fire, recoil, etc. to figure out exactly how powerful this gun is, and its position in this game.

MG3 & M249

By the way, this new machine gun uses 7.62 ammo, so it’s supposed to deal high damage. But, however, it has low damage output. I think this MG3 has the same damage as an M249 which uses 5.56 ammo. However, don’t let this low damage fool you.

MG3 Damage

Since MG3 can make up for that by shooting extremely fast even your enemies wouldn’t even realise that they are already dead, that’s how fast it can shoot.

Gun NameMG3
Gun TypeLight Machine Gun
Bullet Velocity820m/s
Magazine Size75
Firing Mode660RPM, 990RPM

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Firing Modes

It has two firing modes, 660 RPM, and 990 rounds per minute, which shoots around 16 bullets per second, but remember that MG3 has a base damage of 42, if you do the math, by multiplying the damage by how many rounds it can fire in a second, you will get Damage Per Second. so MG3 has a DPS of 660 meaning it can do 660 damage in a second.

For example, it only requires 100 damage to kill an enemy, so you have to imagine what this gun could do.


So obviously MG3 has low recoil. To be honest, it has really low recoil, as low as some of the SMG’s recoil, and it shoots 16.5 bullets per second which is crazy. I mean MG3 is a crazy powerful weapon and the DP’s recoil is really good, it has very low horizontal recoil, I mean the sprays will not go left and right like the other two LMG’s.

So the DP is very well known for having extremely low recoil and is easy to use, and is reliable for long-range sprays.

So is it worth switching to 660 RPM in MG3?


I would say mostly no, but if you shooting at a very far distance and your gun is shaking too much, or moving left and right more consistently then maybe consider switching to 660 RPM and fire. It reduces horizontal recoil by a lot, so now you won’t feel too much weapon shake in 660 RPM, but I would rather just go prone and shoot in 990 RPM as it can eliminate almost all the recoil.

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MG3 vs M249 Comparison

More Powerful in MG3 vs M249

MG3 is very similar to M249, but however, MG3 is an airdrop weapon so its suppose to be a better weapon than any other LMG in this game, and I would say the new MG3 is more powerful than the old M249 that we used to get in the airdrops in the past.

Recoil Comparison MG3 vs M249

I know you wouldn’t understand anything unless we compare MG3’s recoil next to other Light Machine Guns such as M249, so you would have a better understanding of MG3’s Recoil.

So there is the recoil patterns side by side, the 1st thing you would notice is the M249’s crazy recoil, it goes left and right in an unpredictable way, and if you don’t know m249’s recent modification or so-called Pubg’s optimization made M249 lose its true power, Now it has super high recoil, and slightly low damage output and a slower rate of fire, all that for bigger magazine size.

Since now it’s a world spawn weapon it doesn’t matter. The MG3’s main role is to replace the old m249 that we used to find in airdrops, and it surely does by having almost half of the M249’s recoil. But remember that both of these guns deal the same amount of damage.

How to control its Recoiling?

However, if you are still struggling to control its recoil, you can either crouch and spray or prone and spray to fully utilize its full potential. Especially if you go prone and shoot, you will literally get zero recoils with MG3 even with other LMGs, because you get a bipod that activates when you go prone, and it acts as a stand for the weapon to eliminate most of the recoil.

Anyway, MG3 comes with two firing modes so the recoil will be different in each of those firing modes, by default you will get 990 RPM and if you switch to 660 RPM it shoots slightly slower. If it shoots slower then the recoil should be low as well but however, but the vertical recoil is gonna increase, which isn’t a big issue since the horizontal recoil will be reduced by a lot, which makes the weapon less unpredictable.

Crouching in MG3 vs M249

I’m sure most of you don’t know about this, but light machine guns will work better when you crouch and even better if you are prone. Crouching can reduce up to 50% of the recoil for Light Machine Guns.

Literally, crouch spraying with either MG3 or m249 will reduce half of the original recoil, which is really interesting. But you know what, if you go prone and spray, it will eliminate almost all the recoil. So if you are bad at controlling recoil, then you got nothing to worry about MG3, it has really low recoil overall.

So is it worth risking your life to get this new gun from airdrops?

Yes absolutely, finally a new airdrop weapon that actually feels it and should only be in airdrops, unlike DBS, the modified version of the new M249, or the AUG.


So if you ever find this new MG3 weapon pick it up and use it, because why not, it can do some seriously high damage to your opponents with super-fast firing speeds that you usually get in SMGs.

But most importantly it has extremely low recoil and is easy to spray at any distance but be careful if you have reloading phobia as this gun can take a very long time to reload. If you really did get yourself killed, you will have no excuse to use it, it’s like you getting killed by some Win94 player while your using AWM.

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