Lynx AMR vs AWM Pubg/BGMI Weapon Comparison

Welcome guys, Today in this article we will be doing an ultimate comparison between the newly introduced airdrop weapon Lynx AMR vs AWM.

Lynx AMR vs AWM Pubg/BGMI Weapon Comparison

Damage Comparison

Let’s start with the damage comparison, here’s the damage information for both Lynx AMR vs AWM.

AWM used to have the highest damage in the game but not anymore now it’s AMRs. AMR deals 4% more damage than AWM, which is very close and not a huge difference because both guns can one shot kill a level 3 helmet. And both weapons require the same amount of shots to kill a player.

So that extra four per cent damage doesn’t give any benefits here. But it’s always a good thing to have higher damage.

So a win for the Lynx AMR in damage comparison with AWM.

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Bullet Velocity

The next comparison is the Bullet Velocity between Lynx AMR vs AWM. Bullet Velocity or Bullet Speed plays a major role for snipers. The faster it is, the better it is.

S.NoWeaponBullet Velocity
  • AWM bullet speed is around 945 meters per second which previously used to be the highest for bolt-action sniper rifles.
  • Now AMR takes the crown in bullet speeds by going over 1000 meters per second and approx ultimately 1100 meters per second which is the fastest in the entire game and means it has the lowest bullet drop.

In a direct gunfight between Lynx AMR vs AWM if both guns are fired at the same time Lynx AMR’s bullets will travel faster and will hit first since it has a higher bullet speed so another win for the AMR.

Lynx AMR vs AWM (PUBG Mobile/BGMI) Ultimate Weapon Comparison 
Bullet Speed Comparison


But this is where the Lynx AMR starts to fall apart when it comes to ammunition. Both guns are airdrop-only weapons and have their own unique ammunition.

1AWM25 Rounds
2AMR10 Rounds

So AMR comes with only 10 rounds of ammo while AWM comes with 25 rounds. And this ammo cannot be obtained normally on the ground. If you run out of ammo, the weapon basically becomes useless you either need to throw it away or find another one.

So yeah, definitely a huge win for AWM since it has more ammo.

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The next thing is customization, so the Lynx AMR doesn’t have any slots for customization.

Only one slot is available and that’s for Scopes, whereas the AWM not only has scope but also a canted site option with three more custom slots where you can equip muzzles, extended mags and stock.

1AWMScope, Extended Mag, Stock
2AMROnly Scope

So the AWM clearly wins in customization comparison with Lynx AMR.

Rate of Fire

Now to the rate of fire starting with the AMR, somehow this gun can remain scoped while firing which is a huge advantage. And there’s about a 1.3-second gap between each shot or one and half second delay between each shot.

While the AWM has an almost 2.3-second delay between each shot. But also you need to scope in and scope out, which is gonna add up more time to this. So a win for the AMR here.

S.NoWeaponRate of Fire
1AWM2.3s Gap
2AMR1.3s Gap

Reloading Speed

But when it comes to reloading both weapons take the same amount of time to reload the default five rounds.

S.NoWeaponReloading Speed

However, as I said AWM can equip an extended quick raw magazine that not only extends its rounds but also increases the reloading speed.

So a small win for the AWM in reloading speed.

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Special Abilities

AWM doesn’t really have any special abilities. I mean its special power is the ability to kill a level 3 helmet in a single shot. But AMR can also do the same thing.

So AWM doesn’t really have any special abilities here. But AMR does have and since its anti-material rifle, the bullets can penetrate through the vehicles and deal damage to up to five vehicles. You can blow them up in three to four shots but can’t penetrate through walls or even containers.

However, it’s still cool that you can kill players hiding behind vehicles easily. The special ability of AMR to shoot through vehicles and deal a lot of damage to vehicles makes it very unique.

But again, shooting a moving vehicle, especially with a sniper is a very challenging thing. And you also need to worry about running out of ammo.


In my opinion, in comparison between Lynx AMR vs AWM, Yes AMR is a strong and better weapon than AWM. But the lack of ammo makes me think twice before using it. Anyway, that’s all I got for this article I hope you learned something new if you did hit the like button and share this article.

Q.1 Lynx AMR vs AWM which one is better?

Well, it totally depends on you if you want a gun that can penetrate through Vehicles it’s an AMR. But if you want more ammo because you miss a lot of shots then AWM it is.

However, both guns are very rare since they are airdrop exclusive and you don’t get a choice because in an airdrop you only get one sniper rifle it could be either AMR or AWM or MK14.

So you have to pick whichever one you find first.

Q.2 Is AMR stronger than AWM in Pubg/BGMI?

Yes, Lynx AMR is better than AWM in many respects and is also behind in some cases. Like AMR is ahead in damage, bullet velocity, rate of fire and special abilities but AWM is ahead of AMR in customization, and ammunition. Reloading speed of both guns is the same.

Q.3 Is AWM the strongest sniper in Pubg/BGMI?

No, AWM is better than all snipers like M24, and Kar98 except Lynx AMR. Because AMR is better than AWM in many aspects like damage, bullet velocity, rate of fire and many special abilities.

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