How to change name in Pubg/BGMI

How to change the name in Pubg mobile, this question keeps running in the mind of many people. Today we will give you the answer to this question and tell you how you can easily change your name in Pubg mobile/BGMI.

PUBG mobile has been an integral part of every gamer’s mobile phone. When you start as a naive or a noob player in PUBG mobile you hardly bother about your name and appearance that will be visible to other players in the game but as the level of your playing improves and you develop some skillset you may find your name as childish or simple in comparison to others, and you may wish to change the same.

But wait! That may not be so easy. So here we have come with the most appropriate and the easiest way to change the name in PUBG mobile.

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First of all, let’s talk about why there was a need to change the name in Pubg?

Reason 1 :

The first reason for this is that whenever we play the game, we see the name of the player that belongs to any of our friends and if we like the name, then we also want that our name is also deprived and looks good, so we want to change the name.

Reason 2 :

The second reason for this is that whenever we join a clan, we want to have the name of our clan in front of our name. For example, if our clan name is Toxic, then the name of these clan players may be Toxic KK.

Reason 3 :

The main and genuine reason is that whenever we play a competitive tournament, the name of your teams should be the same in front of the name of all the players start like Soul Mortal, Soul Viper etc.

Requirement to access rename card :

The first and foremost requirement is access to a Rename Card. Wondering what is rename card is? Here is the answer for you.
Having rename card for free is no more than good luck in PUBG mobile. You can find the Rename Card by opening up the mission page and look for the quests that may have a Rename Card as their reward.

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You’ve rewarded these cards when you level up in your gameplay, and some of the players are given free rewards during seasonal events. Or you can navigate to the in-game shop and look for the Rename Card and you’ll notice that they’re also purchasable with Crew Points. But to collect Crew Points you have to complete Crew challenges.

How to get rename card in Pubg/BGMI ?

It is probably going that you just have already got some Rename playing cards as these are given as rewards. Certain customers had been additionally given these cards as free rewards when the character was first launched within the recreation.

However, gamers who don’t have Rename playing cards proper now can nonetheless change their names. All you want is 180 UC (Pubg gaming currency) to buy these from the in-game retailer.

What if you aren’t so lucky to have one; and are still desperate enough to change the name. Don’t worry another option is waiting for you desperately. i.e You need to pay for the one in the item shop for around 180 UC, PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency.

Following are the steps to buy a Rename Card

You can easily change your name after purchasing a Rename Card with whatever name you want. Open the Rename Card and enter the name you want in it and click OK. Many of you must be wondering that how do we buy Rename Cards?

  • To buy a Rename card, first go to a “PUBG store“.
  • After that you will see Rename Card, “click” on it.
  • After clicking on “Rename Card”, you will ask for 180 that, so keep in mind that “180 UC” in your account before buying Rename Card
How to change name in Pubg/BGMI
  • After purchasing Rename card “click” on it.

Now you can change your name but keep in mind that you can use “Rename Card” only once a day.

How to change name in Pubg/BGMI

To change the name in PUBG Mobile, first, you need a Rename Card.

Whenever you create a new account, a rename card is given for free but after that, if you want a rename card then you have to spend 180 UC (Pubg gaming Currency).

After having the rename card you are almost done and just follow these simple steps to change the name in PUBG mobile.

1)Open the app and navigate to the main menu.

2.)Select the “Inventory” option at the bottom of the screen.

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3.)Tap the crate icon on the right-hand side and then tap the “Rename Card”.

4.)The option to “Use” should appear upon clicking on the card and you’ll need to press on it to set up your new name.

How to change name in Pubg/BGMI

Enter the new name you want and tap OK. You can only change your name once per day and the card will be used once you are done with a new name, so be sure enough to choose your name.

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