Tactics & Tips: Sniping

Sniper Rifles have always been one of the favourite firearms in Pubg mobile, and many players even prepare a Sniper Rifle for the mid-late stages of a match.

In that case, Here are some tips to help all Pubg mobile players who love Snipe to emerge victoriously.

Drop Locations Recommendations

It is recommended that you select resource points in a moderate-sized map with more resource point options available. But, don’t recommend going in too deep. Snipers are special in that way have a slow rate of fire and perform poorly in melee combat, which is why we don’t recommend small map areas. However, it will also be difficult to rack up kills if you go to resource points that attract very few players, which is why this isn’t recommended either.

21 Kills With Sniper :

Landing Spot Recommendations





Resources Selection Recommendations

You definitely should have a Sniper Rifle for your second firearm, you can use either a rifle or a SMG. When necessary, try using a rifle with a scope instead of a sniper rifle. Your attachment selection should focus on increasing the stability of your firearm. But you shouldn’t have to think twice about selecting Suppressor.

High Level Equipment

You want your helmet and armour to be as high level as possible. but it is not recommended to use a level 3 backpack as it can get quite bloated and can expose you.


Because you want a smaller backpack, you will need to carefully decide what to bring with you. You won’t need too much ammo if you are sniping, so maybe 100-200 rounds should do it. You can bring meds and throwables based on your own preferences, but you should have 2-3 smoke grenades to cover your retreat.

Important Points

1) When Sniping you must pay attention to the footsteps around you, evacuate your sniping location if you sense the footsteps approaching you and only start sniping again after you are sure no one else is around you.

2) It isn’t easy for Snipers to sense what’s going on behind them. So it is recommended that you Snipe with a team and get your teammates to guard your back.

3) It’s always best to Snipe from above if there are no tall buildings on your map. The balcony on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a building is also a good choice.

These are some tips for using Snipers.

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