Tactics & Tips: Squad

Every Pubg mobile player wants to become high tier, so today I bring you a strategy guide, for playing in squads.

Early Stage

  • When parachuting, choose to all land at one resource spot and cover each other. You can also choose to divide the team into 3+1 for scattered looting. This strategy is best used when the landing spot is close to a wild area and any resource spots do not have enough resource for all four players to loot.
  • When you collect supplies, don’t forget to pick up throwables. A striker should carry two or extra stun grenades for breaching and clearing out a building. A player with a large backpack can carry fuel so their vehicle doesn’t run out when traversing the battlegrounds.
  • Try to choose vehicles that offer some cover, such as UAZ, Dacia, Minibus etc. All four squad members should not ride in one vehicle together. If you are attacked while passing through a house area, you should find cover before stopping. Any player with a long-range scope should investigate the situation before counterattacking.
  • When fighting an enemy, you should pay attention to your squad’s formation. Everyone should be able to exert their full firepower, and you should avoid any formation that is too concentrated. If there is time before the battle, you can coordinate supplies to squad members roles. The striker can have the helmet and vest with the least damage. It’s also a good idea to replenish their energy before engaging enemies.
  • Breaking up the enemy line, you can send a player around the enemy’s line of fire to attract their attention and create opportunities for your striker. If the knocked down the enemy is in a relatively open location, hold off on the kill, instead try to use them as bait and wait for the opportunity to take down more enemies as they come to revive them.

Middle Stage

If a teammate has been knocked down you must throw a smoke grenade before you revive them. If your teammates were knocked down in an overly open area, you must be cautious when reviving them, and might even have to give up on reviving them when necessary.

Late Stage

Note the number of players left on the field and judge what information the remaining enemies are using. If you have the advantage of numbers, you can open fire to trick them into returning fire so that you can determine their position based on the gunshots. All you need to do then is to directly surround that area. Avoid fighting alone as it could be risky.

If you are outnumbered, try to keep your team at the edge of the play zone, try not to initiate attacks, and try to use throwables or snipe the enemy where possible. Do this to avoid prematurely exposing your position, which makes it more likely for your enemies to weaken each other first and increases your chance of winning.

That’s all we have got for this issue. We hope these tips will help all our friends who are fighting actively to reach a higher tier. We are rooting for you to reach the conqueror tier soon.

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