Top 20 Tips & Tricks in Pubg Mobile

Ultimate Guide To Become Pro

  • It takes almost 16 seconds to cover a hundred meters on the map while you are unarmed and in almost 17 seconds while carrying an assault rifle in your hand.
  • Always hold the grenade for a few seconds in your hand and then throw it it doesn’t give your opponent a chance to run away from it
  • The blue zone does damage as follows the first circle does 0.4 damage per second, the second circle does 0.6 third circle 0.8 & so on 1,3, 5, 8, 11 and 14.
  • While picking up a gun, exchange your gun twice to get additional ammo already loaded in the rifle.
  • You can trap your opponent in the cave by blocking the entrance with a jeep and blast it.
  • An energy drink can boost it up to 40 percent, a painkiller can boost it up to 60 percent and an adrenaline shot can boost it up to a hundred percent. In simple words, we can say that an energy drink gives you 23 health points a painkiller gives you 40 health points and an adrenaline shot gives you 86 health points.
  • Flash hider helps in hiding the muzzle flash drive of a weapon. The compensator is used to reduce the recoil of a weapon and the Suppressor helps in hiding the muzzle flash and also reducing the volume of a gunshot.
  • One of the best ways to get the weapon master badge is to jump at the end of the map you’ll see many offline players who could be killed easily.
  • You can break a door and damage your opponent’s health using a Molotov Cocktail.
  • You can check the bottom-right corner of your screen to know whether it’s a night mode match or not.
  • If shot from a range of 200 meters Kar98 can damage a fresh level three helmet up to almost 82 percent, M24 can damage it almost 87 percent and an AWM can fully damage a level three helmet.
  • It takes 38 bullets to blast a Buggy with the M416 and it takes 45 bullets to blast the car with the M416 & it takes 49 bullets to blast the jeep with the M416.
  • When you’re about to loot in the water make sure that your more preferable rifle is on the second slot because the new weapon picked up would always go on the first lock you cannot change the position of your weapon while you’re in the water.
  • While jumping off a high building move inwards and stay attached to the wall to avoid fall damage.
  • Level one bag has a capacity of 300, level two has a capacity of 350 and level three has a capacity of 400. A grenade occupies 18 bits of space, a Molotov occupies 16 bits and the smoke occupies 14 bits of space.
  • When you play a war game keep an eye on the respawn timer don’t kill your enemies when the timer is less than 10 seconds because they will respond very soon wait until the timer restarts and then kill them.
  • Ever wondered what merit is? The merit system is to measure the behaviour of the gamers each player has a hundred merit points when you kill your teammates your merit is reduced by ten points. The next repeated violation would reduce fifteen merit points and then thirty each time a teammate is deliberately killed you would only be allowed to play solo matches. If your merit reaches below 50 you can earn merit points as follows plus three if you finish in the top ten plus two if you finish from 11 to 50 and plus one if you finish from 51 to 100.
  • Four litres of fuel in a buggy gives a mileage of almost 5000 meters per litre in normal mode and almost 3500 meters per litre in turbo mode. A car gives a mileage of 3,500 meters per litre in normal mode and almost 1200 meters per litre in turbo mode. A Jeep gives a mileage of almost 4,000 meters per litre in normal mode and almost 1,300 meters per litre in turbo mode.
  • Enable the quickscope switch button in the settings to get an option to switch between your scopes.
  • You can jump faster than ever mark your landing location turn yourself perpendicular to it look down and keep the joystick at a 10 o’clock angle.

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