Top 10 Best Guns/Weapons in PUBG Mobile & BGMI (2022)

Welcome guys in this article I will be ranking the top 10 best guns/weapons in Pubg mobile & BGMI. By the way, I will not include airdrop weapons in this list because they will take up all the top positions. So to make this fair we’ll do non-airdrop weapons only.

Top 10 Best Guns/Weapons List

10) Micro Uzi


Anyway starting at the number 10 spot we have the Micro Uzi. It is a very popular SMG for being one of the deadliest weapons in this game. But it has the lowest damage output in the entire SMG family. However, don’t let this low damage fool you because Uzi is the fastest firing gun in the entire game.

For Example:- It can shoot approximately 22 rounds in a second or 22 bullets per second which means you can do this amount of damage for every second.


Now I hope you get a better understanding of how powerful Uzi is actually. But you might be asking if Uzi is really this powerful then why it’s not on top positions.

Well, there will be some consequences for being the fastest firing gun in this game that will put some drawbacks for Uzi. The first and obvious one is you will run out of ammo very quickly plus Uzi has a small magazine size which requires you to have the extended mag otherwise you will be constantly running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight.

Here is the damage information for Micro Uzi with every type of armour take a closer look uzi requires a lot of shots due to the low damage output. So if you want to use Uzi make sure you have good aiming skills otherwise you will miss half of your shots.

UziLevel 118Level 131
UziLevel 215Level 226
UziLevel 311Level 320

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9) M249


Now at the number nine spot, we have the M249 this light machine gun used to be one of the most powerful weapons when it was in the airdrop only. But now after being a world spawn weapon it’s not bad as you think it is. If you look in this perspective it still has the biggest magazine capacity in any weapon right now.

Let’s look at the damage information:-

M249Level 128Level 164.4
M249Level 224Level 255.2
M249Level 318Level 341

So this is how much damage you deal with your opponent depending on where you hit and what armour they are wearing. M249’s gun power is very mediocre but its magazine size makes it a special weapon and gets the number nine spot in my list.

Do you think people will still be afraid when they hear the M249 gunshots? Let me know in the comments section.

8) Mini 14

Mini 14

Now at the number eight spot, we have Mini 14. It’s a semi-automatic sniper rifle aka DMR which stands for Designated Marksman Rifle. I think DMR’s are very underrated in Pubg Mobile because they are very hard to use or control. But if you know how to use a DMR properly then they are extremely powerful in mid to long-range scenarios.

However, I find Mini 14 is the best DMR in my opinion because Mini 14 is a light weighted rifle as it uses 5.56 ammo which means the recoil on this gun is slightly easier to handle when compared to other DMR’s especially the ones with 7.62 ammunition.

The biggest downside of Mini 14 is its low damage output it has the lowest damage in any DMR. So you are often required to hit more shots to kill your opponent since Mini 14 is a very reliable and accurate DMR it won’t be a problem. Mini 14 has the highest bullet velocity in any weapon which means you can hit the running enemies much easier but other DMR’s are not bad they are still powerful or more powerful than Mini 14. But I find Mini 14 is the most effective and reliable DMR.

Just a quick note QBU replaces Mini 14 in Sanhok and QBU is way better than many in almost all angles. So QBU will also get the same spot as many.

Let’s look at the damage information:-

Mini 14Level 132Level 173
Mini 14Level 227Level 263
Mini 14Level 320Level 347

7) DP-28


Now at the number seven spot, we have DP-28. I am sure every single player likes this gun because this gun is known for being one of the easiest guns to use in the game with almost no recoil and the same damage as an AKM. Despite recent updates, Pubg decided to nerf DP-28 and it resulted in almost losing 10 to 20 percent of its power. But now DP-28 is still really good.

Here is the damage information and stats for this weapon.

DP-28Level 133Level 173
DP-28Level 228Level 263
DP-28Level 321Level 347

The DP-28 is only good at one thing and that is shooting at stationary targets from mid to long-range. Once your enemies start moving it will be hard to hit them and in the close range, I’m not gonna say it’s bad it’s still usable but almost every gun can outperform DP-28 in close range.

6) Shotguns


Anyway now at the number six spot, we have shotguns. This includes all the shotguns if I individually rank them it’s gonna take up a few spots in this list.

So this spot is for all the shotguns and if I have to rank all the shotguns from best to worst this is how it would be :

  1. At number one we have the new Livik exclusive shotgun M1014. This is the most powerful shotgun because this has the highest damage in any shotgun.
  2. At number two we have DBS.
  3. At number three we have S12K.
  4. At number four we have Double Pump Shotgun S686.
  5. At number five we have S1897.
  6. Lastly Sawed-off unranked because it’s trash.

Anyway, shotguns are extremely dangerous and close to close combat fights especially when it has instant one-shot kill ability which makes them a deadly close-quarter weapon. But sometimes you don’t get that one-shot kill which puts you at a massive disadvantage because a shotgun’s first bullet is the most critical shot.

You will ever get in case you mess up your first shot then your second shot has a higher chance of you missing it again. And this keeps increasing as you start missing your shots and we have all been in this situation many times so you can’t really do anything about this. The way how shotgun damage works is when you fire it releases nine pellets and each pellet does a certain amount of damage.

For Example:- S686 does 24 damage for each pellet in case you hit all your shots in the chest area you will be doing 216 damage to your opponent and other shotguns may have less or more damage. So shotguns kinda depend on your luck sometimes you get that one shot kills sometimes you don’t.

5) Kar98


Anyway now at the number fifth spot, we have Mosin Nagant and Kar98. They both will share the same place because these two sniper rifles are very very similar in almost every angle it’s like copying Kar98 and changing its name and design so you get this new weapon. But in a short summary, Mosin Nagant is better by a very very small percentage which doesn’t even make any noticeable difference.

4) M24


There is a weapon that would make a major difference and that is M24 which is at number fourth spot. Did you know M24 used to be an airdrop weapon in the early Pubg mobile era? But anyway M24 is the best sniper rifle that is a world spawn and it’s also a very rare weapon to find.

Here is the damage information on how much damage you deal with your opponent depending on where you hit and what type of armour they are wearing. M24 still can’t one-shot a level three helmet only AWM has that ability but still, M24 is better than Kar98 in almost every aspect.

M24Level 176Level 1147
M24Level 265Level 2126
M24Level 349Level 394

3) Ump 45

UMP 45

Anyway moving on to the number three spot we have Ump 45. Currently, it’s a god-tier weapon that recently getting more and more popular as Pubg decided to improve its gun power. And now I actually think that Ump 45 is stronger than ever it even outperforms the old Ump9 if we compare now.

Nowadays everyone is running Ump 45 doesn’t matter whether you’re a new player or an old player. It just dominates this game in close combat fights because of its damage output while also being very easy to use its recoil is very manageable. I find it extremely easy to handle this gun, especially with its crazy hip-fire accuracy.

I would say Ump 45 is now the best SMG in this game for being very reliable and I think we could say Ump 45 is almost equivalent to being an airdrop weapon. But I shouldn’t go this far to say this weapon is the best if you ever find Ump 45 just pick up and use it you will understand what I’m talking about.

If we look at the damage information of Ump 45. It has the highest damage in the SMG family and the special advantage of SMGs is their arms and legs damage which won’t be protected by the helmet and vest. Even if they are wearing level three armour you only need to hit four shots and they are dead now.

Ump 45Level 130Level 151
Ump 45Level 225.6Level 244
Ump 45Level 319.2Level 333

2) AKM & Beryl M762


At the number two spot, we have AKM and Beryl M762. Once again these two guns will share the same spot but this time there is a huge noticeable difference between these guns. Most people will either choose to run AKM or Beryll and currently at the time of writing this article AKM is significantly better than Beryl because AKM has the highest damage in any assault rifle.

1) M416


Now finally at the number one spot, we have none other than the M416. This weapon doesn’t need any introduction because everyone knows this is one of the most commonly used weapons in Pubg mobile and doesn’t matter what situation you use it’s gonna perform really good as it has excellent stability and is the most reliable weapon in this game.

By the way, this number one spot is shared by its similar weapons such as Scar-L, G36C, Aug A3 & QBU all these guns has the same damage as the M416 and same rate of fire. But there are a few small differences that make the M416 best in this category. However, Aug A3 is better but still, M416 is M416.

Here is the damage information on how much damage you deal depending on where you hit and what arm are they wearing mM416 is a gun that you can trust for every range.

M416Level 165.80Level 128.63
M416Level 256.40Level 224.54
M416Level 342.30Level 318.41


So these are the top 10 best guns/weapons in Pubg Mobile and BGMI. You can tell us your favourite guns in the comments section. Anyway, that’s all I got for this article if you learned something new today hit the like button and allow the push notifications for more upcoming articles like this.

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