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Welcome guys today in this article we will talk about Vector, which is a very underrated weapon in this game. Vector is a really powerful gun in my opinion. I mean, it can literally knock off the opponent in the blink of an eye. It can be the deadliest weapon sometimes, but the way how it is designed makes it kind of weak sometimes.

Vector Weapon Guide

Let me explain why I think Vector is so strong and powerful. Obviously, the first thing we need to look at is its damage information.

Damage Information

Here’s the vector’s damage information as well as its damage for every level of helmet and vests. It has a base damage of almost 33 also known as chest damage. 33 is kinda average damage for an SMG.

Vest Lvl 123
Vest Lvl 220
Vest Lvl 315
Helmet Lvl 138
Helmet Lvl 233
Helmet Lvl 325

But if we compare every other SMG’s damage here Vector’s damage is very close to being low but it’s kinda average. However, we are ignoring the MP5K here because MP5K is of a Vikendi map exclusive and also Karakin I believe. So the Vector gets replaced by MP5K in the Vikendi map.

Damage Comparison of SMGs

Weapon Base Damage
PP Bizon37

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Vector vs UMP45

A lot of you would assume that in a direct gunfight between Vector vs UMP45. UMP45 would win because it has higher damage and it’s quite popular nowadays.

But let me break it down for you. The Vector will destroy UMP every single time. It may not have higher damage but it can shoot faster and recovers that slightly less damage by shooting approximately 64% faster than UMP.

Rate of Fire

So here’s the rate of fire Vector can shoot almost 19 bullets per second whereas the UMP can shoot up to 11.5 bullets per second. And the UZI is the fastest firing weapon in the game and it shoots almost 22 bullets per second.

WeaponRate of Fire
Vector19 bullets per sec
Ump4511.5 bullets per sec
Uzi22 bullets per sec

So the rate of fire definitely plays a critical role in every weapon. If we combine damage and rate of fire we will get damage per second which tells us exactly how much damage it can do to your opponent in a second. So we will know how powerful the weapon is.

Damage Per Second (DPS)

The Vector has a DPS of 620 approximately and here are the DPS for all the other SMGs. UMP and Tommy Gun are almost at 500 DPS nowhere near UZI. Keep in mind, the higher the DPS is, the deadlier it is.

WeaponDamage Per Second
Vector620 DPS
Uzi567 DPS
Ump45500 DPS
Tommy477 DPS
PP Bizon480 DPS

For Example, AKM only has 480 DPS only airdrop weapons like MG3 and MK14 can outperform Vectors with high DPS. So the vector’s gun power is almost like MG3 and MK14 are very close to them.

Disadvantages of Vector

If the Vector is really this powerful then why nobody is using it?

Well, the Vector is suffering from its own success. It shoots so fast that it empties its magazine very quickly leaving you vulnerable.

By default it only comes with 19 rounds and it takes only one second to empty that 19 rounds. So you have to run vector with an extended mag which gives you 33 rounds. Again it takes less than two seconds to empty those 33 rounds.

So the main disadvantage of the vector is its low magazine size which makes it really difficult to use in squads because you can’t fight against multiple enemies at the same time. Since you will be reloading very often that’s gonna make you more vulnerable.

So this gun is more suited for solos or duos. It is really good when you are fighting against a single opponent so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

Hard to Aim (Firing Speed is so Fast)

Anyway, the next issue that I have noticed is it shoots so fast that it is harder to aim. Sometimes I miss my shots because I find it harder to read just my aim, especially when it fires this quickly.

By the way, I’m playing at 90 fps and I sometimes find it hard to aim with Vector. So you would have to imagine how hard it is going to be for low-end devices with 30fps or lower. Basically, if you have a low-end device vector may not be the best weapon for you.


Vector has a lot of customization you can equip grips I would suggest either vertical grip or laser sight and of course, a tactical stock which helps to reduce the recoil even further down.

Vector Attachments
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot


And now let’s talk about the recoil. I know SMGs don’t have that much recoil but let’s just compare all the SMG’s recoil except MP5K and P90 since they are map exclusive.

Here’s the side-by-side recoil comparison Tommy Gun has the highest recoil but it’s just vertical and it’s straight so it’s gonna be very easy to control. And the UMP45 has the second highest recoil with an almost straight line and is very easy to control while the vector does have lower average recoil but it has the highest amount of horizontal recoil in SMG which you can notice here.

Vector Weapon Guide: Recoil Comparison
Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

However in my opinion I think the Vector has more recoil than it shows. Let me explain how and why. So the vector shoots so fast and its recoil goes up very quickly especially when we compare it to other SMGs like UMP.

I’ve been using Vector for the past few days and I noticed its recoil is sometimes hard to control. It’s mostly because I have to pull down the gun very quickly as it shoots so fast and I just feel like vector is not the most reliable SMG in my opinion because it shakes a lot when spraying while scoped in. So you have a higher chance of missing your shots in situations like that.

My Opinion about Vector

But overall I would say Vector is the most powerful and deadliest weapon in the game which is also not an airdrop weapon however as every weapon has its weaknesses.

The Vector’s biggest advantage is its biggest weakness. I highly encourage you to try this weapon. Who knows? You might end up liking this weapon. You never know since it can do this kind of damage like this.


Anyway, that’s all I got for this article, I hope you learned something new if yes then you can like this article and subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming articles

Q.1 Is Vector a good gun for PUBG?

The Vector is a good gun for Pubg/BGMI as its damage per second is very high but its magazine size is less so it is best for singles and duos only.

Q.2 Is Vector an SMG in PUBG/BGMI?

Yes, Vector is an SMG weapon in Pubg/BGMI like UMP45, Uzi, PP Bizon etc all are examples of SMG weapons.

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