Why M416 is so Popular in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

Welcome Guys! have you ever wonder how did the M416 become one of the most popular guns in PUBG mobile. And how did it end up being the most commonly used weapon in this game? Well in this Blog I will tell you why M416 is so popular.

Reasons Behind M416 Popularity

Reason 1: Reliability + Versatility

The 1st obvious reason is its Reliability. M416 will never disappoint you doesn’t matter which range you use. It always does the job done.

For example, In close range, I would say the M416 is pretty much a decent weapon. Of course, it’s not strong as other weapons but as I said it’s very reliable. And if you could connect those critical headshots then you can easily win your fights.

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When it comes to mid-range fights, this is where M416 shines, most of you use M416 because you want to spray down your enemies. There is no other gun that can do better than M416 when it comes to spraying except the AUG of course. Since it is an airdrop weapon it’s supposed to be better than M416, by a lot. But it’s not, it’s only a tiny bit better than M416.


For Example: Take a look at Groza, it’s significantly a better version of AKM and Beryl, whereas the AUG, its most likely going to be left out on the airdrop, sad for AUG. I hope Pubg/BGMI makes AUG any better in future. So that is this is that I would say M416 will be the strongest gun in mid-range fights.

And when it comes to long-range fights, you can either go prone and spray at your enemies. Proning will reduce your recoil by up to 40% or you could do single tapping which is very easy, and really helpful when you couldn’t control the recoil.


But there is one problem in long-range fights, and that is when fighting against bolt action sniper rifles. They have the ability to one-shot-kill, so try to avoid taking fights against bolt action snipers. So, as you can see, the M416 fulfils all 3 ranges by either being good or the best. This is why M416 is very well known for being the most reliable weapon in this game, but not just that.

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Reasons 2: Moving Vehicle Spray

If you want to spray at a moving vehicle then M416 is the best for that. And also spraying from a moving vehicle is also easier with an M416, since its bullets will travel at a speed of around 900 m/s, which for comparison, is faster than Kar98’s bullets. So you will most likely connect all of your shots.

Why M416 is so Popular in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

Most of you choose to use M416 not because of its damage. You use it because it can do this kind of damage with precision accuracy.

Reason 3: Recoiling

The next reason is M416 is one of the easiest guns to use. I mean the recoil of M416 is one of the easiest to control when compared to other assault rifles.

For example, If you ask any player which is the easiest gun to use in Pubg/BGMI they would say M416. Because the recoil on this gun is kind-a easy to control, not too high or not too low perfectly balanced.

Why M416 is so Popular in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

When you are new to this game, most of you would prefer to use M416 for everything because you find this gun very easy to handle. I did the same thing. I used to struggle to control recoil on this gun, but when I try other guns I struggled even more to handle those guns.

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So the M416 is definitely not an easy gun to use. But when you try other guns you would find M416 is the easiest among all the other assault rifles. It may require a lot of attachments, but even without any attachments, it’s still the best.

Reasons 4: M416 can be paired with any weapon

The next reason and the best thing about M416 is that you can literally pair this gun with any weapon in this game. You would be just fine, suppose you use a shotgun, or sniper or even the crossbow with M416. You would be fine because M416 got your back covered.

This might be one of the best reasons why many people use M416. Because it doesn’t matter what weapon you use, as long as you have M416 you are fine.

Reason 5: M416’s Spawn rate is low,But Easy to Find?

The next reason is finding M416 is somehow easy. The spawns rate of M416 is not super rare, or super high, it’s kinda in between. Sometimes you find this gun easily sometimes you don’t. That’s the thing about M416, the spawn rate of this gun is not super high. So finding M416 can sometimes be difficult.

But you also have to realize that, you are not the only one who’s looking for M416. Your enemies are also doing the same thing, and some of them may have already found it. So when you kill an enemy there is a higher chance of you finding M416 in that crate.


Because enemies are the best source of loot at any stage of the game. They will always collect the best loot possible. So when you kill them you will get the best loot that they have been searching for for the past few minutes. The M416 spawn rate might be low, but since everyone is looking for it. You’ll easily find it through the enemies.

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Reason 6: M416 is Available in Every Map

The last reason is that it’s available on every single map. You might be thinking how can this be a reason? Well, when you use a specific gun for a very long time. You will understand its behaviour such as how much recoil does you need to control, and how far do you need to aim ahead.


The more you use a weapon the better you understand how it works. Since M416 will spawn in every single map, you can learn more about each map you play.


And I think these are the 6 major reasons why the M416 became the most commonly used weapon in Pubg mobile. But if you know any more reasons let me know in the comments.

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