UMP45 vs AKM Weapon Comparison: Which gun is better?

Welcome guys today in this blog we will be doing UMP45 vs AKM Weapon Comparison in PUBG Mobile & BGMI. This is one of the most requested comparisons that you guys have been asking because these both guns literally dominate the close combat. But which gun is better? Well, I hope you’ll find that answer after reading this blog.

UMP45 vs AKM Weapon Comparison

Damage Comparison

Let’s start the comparison of UMP45 vs AKM with damage comparison so the UMP45 has base damage very close to 43. While the AKM has a base damage of 48. Definitely, the AKM wins in the damage comparison.


Rate of Fire (Firing Speed)

The UMP45 pulls a comeback by shooting 10 per cent faster than AKM. So in the rate of fire or firing speed, the UMP45 can shoot approximately 11 bullets in a second. While the AKM can fire 10 bullets in a second a clear win for the UMP45. So this means that UMP45 could recover that low damage by shooting faster.

S.NoWeaponRate of Fire
1UMP4511 Bullets/s
2AKM10 Bullets/s

Damage per Second (DPS)

The AKM will do around 480 damage per second whereas the UMP45 could deal approximately 483 damage per second. If my math is correct but however you have to remember you only need to do 100 damage to take down an enemy. So it’s almost like a draw in terms of damage per second.


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Head Damage Comparison

Some of you might say that AKM has very high headshot damage compared to UMP45. Yes, it does have high headshot damage. But you also have to realize that UMP45 has very high damage in the arms and legs area which kinda gets a draw for both of these things.

S.NoWeaponHead Damage

Recoil Comparison

Let’s move on to the recoil comparison AKM doesn’t have a good reputation for being an easy gun to control. By looking at this recoil pattern it’s very obvious that UMP45 gets a huge win here. UMP45 has less recoil but is also very easy to control even a beginner player can handle this gun.

UMP45 vs AKM Recoil Comparison

Not only do beginners prefer to use UMP45 even professional players also use it because it’s very easy to handle as well as powerful as AKM. Sometimes UMP45 is even more powerful depending on how you use it.

1UMP45Very Easy
2AKMVery Hard

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Hip Fire Comparison

Now to the hip fire comparison once again the UMP45 has less recoil spread which gives a huge advantage for close combat fights. And also UMP45 has a better hip-fire accuracy which you can clearly see. If you observe the AKM’s bullets it’s very inconsistent whereas the UMP45 is hitting more consistently at the target.

S.NoWeaponHip Fire

UMP45 also have SMG benefits in comparison to UMP45 vs AKM. If you don’t know SMGs have some benefits over Assault rifles in some situations such as:-

  • Better aim assist
  • Better hip fire and accuracy
  • Faster movement speeds
  • Better jump shot accuracy
  • Faster ADS speeds.

Overall it’s gonna improve your close combat advantages since SMGs are specifically designed for it.

Bullet Velocity

Now in the bullet velocity comparison, AKM easily wins by having almost double the bullet velocity of UMP45. Having higher bullet velocity is always a better thing it allows you to engage in long-range fights.

S.NoWeaponBullet Velocity

However, with AKM you do have the ability to take fights in mid to long-range. AKM’s recoil is very high it’s nearly impossible to hit all your shots and with UMP45 you can take fights only from close to mid-range. For long-range, your bullets might not hit that far.

So to sum up UMP45 is an easy weapon to use but also more reliable than an AKM in close range plus it’s just as powerful as an AKM. But AKM isn’t weak at all if you’re lucky your shots might connect and it will help to deal some critical damage to your opponent.

Ammo Comparison

I just want to make this thing clear in UMP45 vs AKM the UMP45 ammo is not heavy as AKM’s so you can carry more ammo. But the problem is finding .45 ammo in the late game is very rare as not many players carry it nor do any other popular weapons use it. You can always carry extra 0.45 ammo to be safe from this kind of situation.


Full Comparison of UMP45 vs AKM

Firing Speed10 bullets/sec11 bullets/sec
Damage per second480483
RecoilVery HardVery Easy
Hip – FireInconsistentBetter Accuracy
Bullet VelocityHighLow


So here you have why many players are using UMP45 nowadays. Well UMP45 is just as powerful as an AKM while also being very easy to use and also reliable with its crazy hip-fire accuracy. This is a clear win for UMP45 but it’s totally up to you, you could use AKM and depend on your luck of connecting your shots.

I forgot to mention that UMP45 could be more customizable as it has a grip attachment which allows more possibilities and flexibility. Anyway, that’s all I got for this blog, I hope you have known the UMP45 vs AKM difference.

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