Best 4-Finger Claw Settings in PUBG/BGMI

I have been playing with four fingers for the past few days and this is my updated version of my Best 4-Finger Claw settings in PUBG/BGMI.

So today in this blog, we will be going through the following topics that will help you to learn 4-finger claws.

Best 4-Finger Claw settings in PUBG/BGMI

  • Finding your optimal layout settings or the best layout controls for you.
  • Finding the perfect way to hold your phone while playing with 4 finger claw.
  • About basic settings and sensitivity settings.
  • About practising and training, I will tell you some training drills that can help you to utilize 4 finger claws at their best and it also helps you to learn faster.
  • And lastly, some tips and tricks to master the 4 finger claw.

By the way, the Best 4-Finger Claw settings are the most popular claw settings in PUBG mobile, as it is used by many players. Anyway, I know most of you gonna copy-paste the layout, which is fine. But trust me creating your own layout gives you satisfaction and confidence that your layout is specifically designed for you.

Even if you do copy another player’s layout, it won’t be perfect for you and your device. so I highly recommend making your own layout instead of copy-pasting other players’ layouts.

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Best 4-Finger Claw settings

Fire Button Setup

Best 4-Finger Claw Settings in PUBG/BGMI

Anyway, the basic layout for 4 finger claw is very simple, just drag your fire button onto the top right corner. The scope button is in the top left corner. Use your left and right index fingers to press those buttons.

But wait there are many people who place their fire button on the left side, it’s totally normal, some players prefer to use their fire button on the left side, and the other players prefer it on the right side, it’s your personal preference.

Best 4-Finger Claw Settings in PUBG/BGMI

By the way, when placing the fire button, you need to make sure to use this specific fire button, that is facing towards the top right corner, do not use the thumb fire button, because the fire button which is facing towards the top left corner, will have a camera movement.

Suppose if you move your finger on top of that button it moves your aim, while the other one doesn’t have any camera movement but if you use it anyway, then your aim might mess up sometimes.


4 Finger Claw

So I highly recommend using the fire button that is facing towards the top right corner, not the top left one. Don’t worry you can still control recoil with your thumb fingers as it won’t be affected by using different fire buttons.

Lean & Peek Button Setup

The next thing is about lean or peeks button placement, I always put them below the fire button. I’ll press those buttons with my thumb finger. I’ve been using this method for a really long time, so it works best for me.

Other Controls Setup

Now to the other controls, I adjusted my jump, climb, crouch, prone & reload buttons in a way that I can easily reach them. But you can customize and place those buttons anywhere you want, it’s totally up to you.

Best 4-Finger Claw Settings in PUBG/BGMI
Image via Zendex

I saw a lot of players placing their grenade cancel option behind the scope. And when throwing a grenade you can’t use a scope, so by placing your cancel button behind the scope you can save some space in your layout.

Similarly, you can place the scope adjusting setting on the looting buttons, since the scope adjusting button will only work when you scope in, and you can’t loot while you’re scoped in. So this would save you some space in your controls.

If you’re new to Best 4-Finger Claw settings, you only need to assign one job, or one button for your index fingers. If you assign more than 1 button, it’s gonna be hard and confusing for you to learn. So I highly recommend using only 1 button for each index finger, because your thumb finger is capable of handling more tasks.

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For example, my thumb finger is capable of pressing peek, jump, climb, prone, crouch and reload and also weapon switch. Basically, for everything in this area my thumb finger handles the work. The reason why you should assign more work for your thumb finger is that it’s capable of doing it.

Normally when you’re using your phones for everyday tasks like scrolling Instagram, texting etc, your thumb fingers will be doing most of the work, so the thumb fingers are already trained to press multiple buttons quickly.

Whereas if you assign more than 1 button for your index finger, then you might accidentally press the wrong one. That’s why you need to create flexibility for your index fingers which can take weeks. Then you can add more controls later on, but if you are new to claw, only use one button for each index finger, to avoid confusion.

But if you wanna use your index finger for jumping and crouching, then after a few weeks of playing with 4-Finger Claw settings, your index fingers will be flexible enough to handle those extra buttons and do a little bit of practising after adding extra buttons to your index fingers.

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How to hold your phone while playing with 4-Finger Claw settings

Now let’s talk about how to hold your phone while playing with 4 fingers. Always remember this there is no perfect way to hold your device because every player holds their phone in a different way that they feel comfortable.

But I think the most common way to hold the phone while playing 4 finger claw is like this, place your index fingers on top of your phone like this, and use your pinky fingers in this way to prevent the phone from slipping or falling off your hand. and place your middle finger and ring finger behind the phone.

So yeah this is the most common way to hold your phone but if you don’t feel comfortable. Then feel free to find another way to hold your phone that is comfortable for you.

4 Finger Claw

I just adjusted one thing, and I use a ring finger instead of a pinky finger on the left hand to give support for my phone from slipping or falling off my hand. And also using a thick phone case will give you a better grip to hold the phone while playing.

Basic settings and sensitivity for 4-Finger Claw settings

Peek & Fire

Peek & Fire

The 1st one is obviously enabling peek and fire, and I highly recommend disabling peek and open scope, but if you are a new player then maybe you could use it. It’s automatically gonna open the scope when you press peek, so you don’t need to open the scope separately, which is really good for beginner players.

But if you disable peek and open scope, then you can lean out from your cover and shoot at your enemies without exposing your body.

Lean Mode & Scope Mode

Lean Mode & Scope Mode

The next one is about lean mode and scope mode, I have both of them set to hold.

Sensitivity Settings

Now to the sensitivity settings, you don’t actually need to change your sensitivity. Because the sensitivity you have is perfect for you since you have already been using it before. If you change sensitivity it’s gonna be more challenging to learn. So I wouldn’t recommend changing your sensitivity settings.

But, however, if you still want to change sensitivity, then read this dedicated blog: Best sensitivity settings for Pubg Mobile

Training Drills for 4-Finger Claw Settings

Drill 1: Now to the training drills, the 1st thing you need to practice is shooting with your new layouts, such as quick scope and recoil controlling those kinda stuff, so you basically need to scope in and fire and scope out and change targets.

Drill 2: The next drill is kinda same but you need to use crouch, so first, you need to scope in and crouch at the same time, fire, and then scope out and uncrouch at the same time, and switch targets and repeat this process.

Drill 3: The next drill is to practice crouching and firing, in front of a real object. Crouch and fire drills are extremely useful in many situations, this is why you have to master this drill. Always try to quickly crouch and fire and uncrouch immediately after you stopped firing, try to do this as fast as you can.

Drill 4: The next drill is leaning, leaning left and right, or peeking left and right is a really good skill to learn. So you need to practice this with the previous drills.

Let me tell you a few examples of how to practice learning. So find yourself a tree, use it as your cover, and start firing at different targets by leaning left and right.

Drill 5: The next drill is jump and fire. I use to practice jump and fire, but yeah you can come up with your own creative ways to practice and train.

Most of you might be thinking how long do I need to practice on training grounds?

Well, it’s totally up to you, I would say 30-40 minutes is enough to create your own layout and practising. Once you completed your training process, head toward Team deathmatches.

Here you need to utilize the drills that you have done on training grounds and play as many TDMs as possible. Playing Team deathmatches is the fastest way to learn new controls, usually, it takes me 1 hour to get used to the new layout by practising in TDM.

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